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Rajat Singh, a 19-year-old popular Digital Marketer

It is rightly said that when you don’t know what to do in life, when you have second thoughts about everything, then just go wherever your heart flows even if you have to just do anything for your satisfaction only. That’s what a 19-year-old, young and talented boy from Jodhpur, Rajasthan named Rajat Singh did! Rajat is basically a BCA 3rd year student. He first started Instagram page for timepass two years back, and now he’s here, a young boy with a lot of experience and a huge followers base of 100m+. He is the founder of the famous @Life.Of.School_ page on Instagram.

Rajat’s social media journey started two years back and that too just for timepass. He just got involved in it, soon he started earning through it too! Then he thought, he should continue it even further, realised his talent in the field of social media management and marketing and made a goal to reach great heights in the same, which he achieved to a greater level. As said earlier, he has a huge 100m+ followers base on Instagram and he even started his digital marketing company names IGMARKETINGMOVES, of which he is the founder and CEO. His dream is to let his main page reach to 10m because that page is not only a page for him, it’s an emotion, a part of his heart  as because of that page only he gained so much experience, name, fame and realised his talents. He is currently working upon making his digital marketing agency a successful firm. In the field of digital marketing, he has worked with many big brand names such as Vigo, TikTok, etc. He has got a great name and brand value as a digital marketer recently that most of the big brands are willing to work with him to grow their brand value and recognition in the market because he has already got expertise in that field!

Rajat, in spite of having great fame and a big followers base on Instagram, is a simple, kind and loving person as a Human being. He is always willing to help the amateur and needy people. Youngsters willing to get involved in digital marketing can learn from him a lot!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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