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Rajesh Utmani All Set To Release New Song & Have Big Plans In Terms Of Production

Making a mark in the entertainment industry is not easy, especially if you have no connection. But with hard work, perseverance, and talent, Rajesh Utmani carved a niche for himself. Rajesh earlier worked in the real estate business, but his passion for cinema and music helped him focus on his dream. 

He has also got some offers from the South Indian industry to play negative roles in their movies. And well, he managed to achieve and has more to go.

After giving people the hit number High Teri Heels starring Vikas Varma and Diana Khan, as a producer, Rajesh Utmani is all set to release another music video. One of the good reasons Utmani is known for – he gives opportunities to fresh talents, influencers, and outsiders. His upcoming music video will feature Hasnan Sheikh and Jumana Khan. 

The title of this music video is yet unknown, but Rajesh Utmani is known for producing good work. So this one is going to be amazing too. We can only wait to know after High Teri Heels, what wonderful track he’s going to share. Well, that’s not it. The producer also has plans to enter the film industry soon. 

Rajesh is here to dream big and he will do it. Along with producing films, he will also invest his time and money in making incredible short films, web series, and web films. It will be interesting to see him venture into the acting industry fully and explore everything out there.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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