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Rup Singh Is One Of The Top Influencers In U.S Who Is Also Helping People Find Their Dream Home

Rup Singh is a first-generation American, born in Westchester, New York to immigrants from Punjab, India. From a young age, ambition has been a word that precisely describes his energy, from the time he was the High School All-Star Baseball Pitcher. 

After years of academia, he geared towards medicine, post which Rup discovered his true passion and talent in Real Estate. Starting out as a sales agent in 2014, he quickly rose up the ranks with his unique style, approach, and penchant for understanding his client. After this breakthrough, Rup focused full time in the real estate industry securing over $30MM in gross sales annually and has been featured as “The Top 1% in Real Estate” as well the prestigious “914 INC WunderKind Under 30” awards. He continues to grow his talent by teaching others how o succeed exemplified by his leadership in “The Legacy Group” – a team of associates.

His Journey To The Top

After having a sub-par first year in the real estate, Rup decided to change his tactic at selling houses. Instead of chasing the money, he started to chase his passion for selling homes and helping families achieve the American dream of owning a home. 

His 2014 $5,000 earnings drastically changed the following year where he made a six-figure income. On his Instagram page, Rup has told the story of how he showed his parents his 1099 form which details his yearly earnings for 2015. “It started to grow and my second year in business i was making 6 figures and showed my parents my 1099, now they tell everyone I do real estate’”. Rup went on to work for RE/MAX where he found even more success selling houses.

Rup only continued to grow, he was selling houses and property in his home area and quickly began to find a lot of success in Westchester, NY. Westchester Magazine recognized Rup’s success and featured him on their magazine, as well as an online post. Rup only continues to grow as in 2018 he became one of RE/MAX’s Top 100 agents in America. 

He earned his spot on the list by generating up to $500,000 in gross commission in one year and tripling his production in three years. In 2019 Rup’s success only continued to grow as he was a winner of the “914 INC WunderKind Under 30 Award” award by Westchester Magazine. 

“Top100RealEstateAgents” recognized his work in 2019 as Rup received a Top100RealEstateAgent Award. Rup is now focusing on building his new company, Legacy Group. Legacy Group consists of various top real estate agents and partners that promise to “leave a legacy behind, but most importantly to help build their dreams from the ground up like I did”.

By TIS Staffer
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