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Sajid Khan ace the cookery game becomes the top celebrity baker of the country with Mojzacake

Sajid Khan always had a dream to satisfy the sugar tooths and thus Sajid took up baking as a career. Having desserts as his specialty Sajid took up the baking cause of his interest in cake making and melding with the flavors.

Sajid has specialized in baking varieties of cakes for birthday parties and various occasions. The fondant used along with the ideas and the unique styles gives a special touch. His creativity is another level, always wanting people for more.

Sajid soon with his progress became the talk of the town, making his way in the Bollywood industry, Sajid today has a number of Bollywood celebrities as his clients.

Birthdays parties or weddings, baby showers or any celebration our b’town celebs always have  Sajid Khan’s numbers to dial for the same.

His mastery in cake making made him ace his passion for baking.

Sajid Khan’s cake making techs and creativity is something to look out for. He has won a number of competitions with his extraordinary baking talent.

His flavors and designs have impressed masses.

Sajid Khan is an inspiration to a number of people who would like to persuade their careers in the field. Sajid provides baking classes and has a number of followers on social media. Making him famous amongst the cookery social media groups.

Sajid Khan the baker has worked hard and achieved his goals thus becoming the number one celebrity baker of the country.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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