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Samvedana Anand: How Model-Actress Manages Her Jet Setting Life

Samvedana Anand

Samvedana Anand, 32 hails from a small town in Tatanagar completed her studies in Delhi. But her dreams were always big and while she held her hometown near to her heart, to find herself and fulfill her potential the Actress turned model set out on a journey to see the world for herself and make a name.

While she has settled down in the bustling cosmopolitan of Delhi, she is a true jet setter. The last decade of her life has been packed full of work trips and vacations in India and abroad. Traveled and experienced 12 countries so far and the list is on. Wishes to cover the globe.

Recently Samvedana Anand bagged the title of Miss Universal Queen 2021 Dubai International. She says, “I have always had a special love for the world of fashion. To me, it is an art and the world of fashion is so alive and always buzzing, I am so glad that I get to call myself a part of it. Every day brings something new and I look forward to all the sights and lessons it brings me!”.

Samvedana Anand has walked International Runways and has become a regular on the ramps of Dubai International fashion week, Global fashion week, and Runway Dubai. She has also appeared as the celebrity guest at World Fashion Week and has been a judge as well as a participant in beauty pageants.

She has been working in the field for the past eight years and has also earned a Fashion Designing certification from the prestigious NIFT Delhi.

Samvedana Anand is a very empathetic person and wishes to be of service to society, she says “I think that today’s generation has access to so much information and opportunities, but no one to guide. No one who they can turn to who will tell them how to deal with this, and make the best choices. I wish to be that someone, in my own capacity, I want to inspire the youth to find their calling and choose their way of living.

And most importantly reinforce compassion towards people and society. I want to be a voice that tells people the meaning of humanity, our reasoning and compassion makes us human and I wish that we all upheld that”.

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