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Satyajit Majumdar – “Influencer” Has Became An Actual Job Title With Responsibilities

Amidst an ocean of flashes and cheers, this gentleman surfs effortlessly with great poise and dignity. Satyajit, a successful Model, and the youngest Social Media Influencer is a rising Actor in the business of Bollywood. Let’s get familiar with how he became the heartthrob, that he is.

The frequent bullies in school and his chronic nagging teachers had compelled him to grow very poor self-esteem. Being a back-bencher and an average student, he never really was inclined to studies. When everyone complained about how he spent most of his time on the Internet, he delved into the world of social media and kept enlightening himself about the cumbersome social platforms and drills.

Though unusual and abrupt, He found his muse in fashion, and from then onwards he was unstoppable and undefeatable… He gave up on all the delicacies and reduced his weight from 105kgs to 75kgs in precisely 7 months, and had a terrific transformation that turned tables.

He started promoting fitness and fashion hacks and within a year was found working with the major brands of the country. He shared space with a number of tycoons and also was offered to share the screen with Himesh Reshammiya in one of his music videos. Besides that, he was awarded by IDFC mutual fund in the tiny talkies film festival for his short films on ‘Social Welfare’. He was the only Male influencer from SOUTH ASIA who’s invited to MEXICO as an ambassador for the ‘Fashion Hero Tv, Season 2’, to represent India.

The Multitasker, that he is, has always been looked up to as a Fashionista and a Social Influencer for his immense contributions in spreading awareness about body shaming and its fatal consequences.

It is rightly put that once you get the taste of a real man, the rest of the world never really tastes the same. 

Be it Formals or Ethnic wears, Satyajit rocks absolutely any outfit like a Boss. His amalgamation of Oriental and Occidental fabrics has got the mass drooling. What makes his content and his sense in Fashion stand out is that he imparts a social message through all his Blogs. His taste in Fashion and humble attitude towards life has made him the person he is. Not only in India, but he also has a massive international fan-base as well. 

Satyajit got the opportunity to collaborate with major brands in India and is often spotted in B-town fashion magazines. His poised personality attracts eye-balls and his charm has been winning a million hearts. When asked, he says- “Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.”

Nevertheless, he believes that it is very important to have degrees in the educational grounds, for the long run. He is currently doing his MBA and is focussing on collaborations with renowned Tollywood and Bollywood Artists and Influencers across the Social Media Platform. With every step towards success, He has shaped his destiny the way he dreamt. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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