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Shubhang Arora wants to depict the impact of welfare through a Bollywood movie

In the 21st century, many kinds of people exist, some live for themselves while others live for others. The latter ones are only a few and are respected in the society and Shubhang Arora is one of them who is chief executive of Yashoda Super Specialty Hospitals in various states of North India from many years, where it has selflessly helped many people around the world and within the domestic boundary also. He holds the view that actual contentment is in serving the people who are in need and real happiness lies in this.

He affirms that dreadful health issues are rising at a rapid speed in Indian societies and considering this thought, he is stepping ahead to serve the general population and wants to aware masses about serious health issues through a medium known as Bollywood. Also, he believes that Bollywood movies these days are providing fruitful messages and moreover, he thinks that youth is more into the entertainment industry thus it will be a suitable medium to give a message on social welfare.

The owner has made a proper mindset to invest in the Indian film industry and is collaborating with famous producers to produce a movie on real-life stories of social workers especially those who are handicapped and come from oppressed families. Also, he wants to represent that these individuals become a ray of hope for the masses. Additionally, he feels determined and believes that this great idea would affect people worldwide. Besides this, complete details about the movie will be revealed soon but the locations to shot the movie will be Mumbai and Los Angeles, California. Apart from this, the movie is expected to hit the cinemas in the beginning months of 2020.

By TIS Staffer
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