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Social Activist Tanuj Patel used Social media to help thousands of people

On one hand, some people live their life lavishly whereas there are people who cannot even afford the basic requirements of living. One cannot make such people opulent but can at least help them achieve the essentials of life. But the question is how to reach them? Social Media has become one of the most convenient ways to help needy people. Let’s see how it can be useful, on the occasion of World Social media day which is celebrated every year on 30th June.

One such kind person who used Social media which is used by others for just entertainment purposes is Mr. Tanuj Patel. The majority of people spent most of their time on Social media. Social media is the best way today to create awareness about your needs so that the people who are ready to help can come forward. World Social media day creates such awareness among people. Through the use of Social media and Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, people raised their voices and Tanuj Patel extended his helping hand towards them. He understood the needs of the people and helped them in his full capacity. He has made the best use of Social media platforms to fulfill the demands of those in need. Nobody left his door empty-handed. 

From providing a laptop to a student for online classes who tweeted him to giving a tricycle to a disabled person, he has reached every corner to help people. All possible because of Social media. Today is the world social media day and the best ime to talk about its advantages. Months into the coronavirus pandemic and people are frustrated, stressed, and tired. It is very important to take care of our mental health along with physical health and remain optimistic. To cope with such problems, Tanuj Patel organized an online concert to give people a bundle of happiness and relief. It turned out to be amazing and cheerful. People enjoyed it and were at peace. All the credit goes to Social media. This was the only way to relax when meeting people physically was dangerous. 

He has played the role of messiah for people during the Covid-19 pandemic as well. To streamline his work, he founded Nonprofitable Organization “Roots Foundation” in Gujarat for the upliftment of underprivileged persons. It has done remarkable activities during the covid-19 pandemic. He provided meals on daily basis, carried out mass sanitizing drives and whatnot. 

Tanuj Patel is a Social media influencer in a real sense who is influencing youngsters especially with his work to think uniquely and serve the nation. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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