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Social media influencer Dr. Sejal Jain builds a strong fanbase over the digital domain

Social media influencer Dr. Sejal Jain builds a strong fanbase over the digital domain

It's not a cakewalk to make an impact on social media. It comes across as extremely easy with influencers and fashionistas sharing gorgeous pictures, but a lot of thought, effort, time goes into each content piece. And we owe it to these fashionistas to make a mark everywhere they go and inspire us with not just their stylish clothes, on-point makeup regime, but also inspire us to strive hard for the thing we are passionate about. 

And Dr. Sejal Jain is all that if not more. Sejal, who goes by the name 'Glam Protocol' on Instagram has always emphasized quality over quantity. While a majority of influencers and bloggers are smitten by the numbers game, Dr. Sejal has her focus on creating meaningful and engaging content for the audience. Growing at a gradual pace, the influencer is soon inching towards building a family of 300K followers on Instagram. Along with her stint as an influencer, Dr. Sejal Jain is an ardent traveller and a physiotherapist too.

"You can't deny that a new blogger gets introduced into the social media world almost every day. But the only way to sustain is by not worrying about it and focusing on your craft. "I like my eccentricities, and I like to show them to the world. And that's probably why people connect with me so instantly," says Sejal. 

Over time, Sejal has carved a niche for herself with her spiffy choices, enigmatic persona, and charismatic presence that has cast a spell. "I am a very organised person in real life, and it's my obsession for the organisation that has made things extremely easy in my professional life too. I intend on building a stronger social media presence, and it's going to happen only with hard work and zeal. I have a well-thought-out plan, and I'm so sure that everyone is going to love it," says Sejal.

Sejal is one of the genuine and most sought after influencer on social media who has been growing across different verticals including fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. The influencer with experience of more than seven years continues to grow as one of the leading names in the blogging industry. Check out Sejal’s Instagram page - @glamprotocol

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