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Social Media Influencer Taresh Goyal’s MAJOR Plans Of Starting His Own Firm

Today brands are targetting innovative ways to attract the users.  Be it through creative advertisement campaigns or bring the influencers on board, every brand is working hard to be the best in the market. The man who is helping the brands to grow on a larger level is Taresh Goyal. Hailing from Ambala, he is a marketer and a social media campaigner by profession. His interest in the internet saw him become a social media influencer and a meme creator. He loves to create memes on trending topics and also knows the tactic to make things go viral on the internet. Besides helping the brands to grow, he has also helped the influencers to grow rapidly. Building a social media presence of an influencer or a brand through his marketing skills is what makes him stand apart from all.

Making his way as the emerging name in the digital domain Taresh believes, “It’s either my way or the highway”. Meaningful and authentic content is the result of his passion for work. His expertise in social media has seen him travel to many places in the country for many brand collaborations of social media campaigns. Moreover, the influencer has a really sharp business mind and with promoting the brand and creating the content; he focuses on high return on investment. He has got many international clients and brands whom he has helped in building a great presence on social media. 

His next big step is to start his own digital agency. While speaking about his experience as an influencer, he said, “I believe in taking things step by step. Everything takes time. I discovered my passion as an influencer while I was working as a marketer. Social media is the best medium to help the brands grow faster and also make money through it. I always had a humorous side which I started showcasing through the memes I created. It feels surreal to succeed in helping people to grow as a brand.” Apart from this, he will soon start creating video content and we are really excited about it.

By TIS Staffer
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