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Spintly: The Next Frontier in Building Access Control and Security

Spintly brings contactless and wireless access control systems to create an ideal working environment The Covid-19 pandemic has become a…

Spintly: The Next Frontier in Building Access Control and Security

Spintly brings contactless and wireless access control systems to create an ideal working environment

The Covid-19 pandemic has become a constant factor to consider in today’s global economy.  Ever since its emergence, it has changed the way everyday life functions and has brought new-age requirements for contactless and automated security solutions that are both reliable and easy to use for residential and corporate use cases. There is an ever-increasing need for a physical security solution that is easy to install, manage and use. The adoption of access control as a service is still growing but it has already started making a long-term impact in the industry.

Spintly has been working on a technology that allows an access control system to function in a fully wireless manner and this has become very relevant in the current situation we are in amidst the pandemic. Spintly has introduced the concept of the contactless access control system and a time attendance solution to thousands of SMB and enterprise clients. Traditional access control systems involve a large amount of wiring from doors to the control room which incurs a huge amount of cost in terms of material and labour. Powered by a wireless BLE-mesh technology the Spintly access control solution can be deployed with almost no wiring and cabling, Spintly manufactures products that are easy to install and set up to help in fast, convenient and cost-effective door access.

The idea for Spintly was born in a building management room full of door controllers, fire alarm panels, lighting control panels and a lot of wires to connect all systems. The hardware was occupying an entire room in the building and cables were running all across the building floors. Rohin Parkar and Malcolm D’souza conceptualized a controller-less and fully wireless building automation platform that would allow all devices like access control readers, smoke detectors, lights, etc to communicate with each other over a mesh network allow these devices to make their own decisions. Thus Spintly was developed as a unified wireless platform for building automation. They decided to focus on the physical security aspect of the buildings to start with and built a complete end to end solution for access control.

Spintly makes hardware devices like wireless smart locks, readers and edge Gateways which communicate with the Spintly cloud platforms, bringing affordable access control to every door. Spintly also offers cloud-based software modules for Access control, Time and Attendance and contactless Visitor management.

Speaking about their vision, Co-Founder and CEO, Rohin Parkar says, ÂWireless technology has become ubiquitous and we use it for talking to people, browsing the internet, attend meetings over Zoom etc. But surprisingly things within the building like access control readers, smoke detectors, lights, HVAC systems etc still communicate with each other over wired technologies which were developed almost half a century ago. We are at a brink of a wireless revolution in the building automation space and we at Spintly want to be the pioneer in bringing about this revolutionÂ

Adding on to the same objective, Co-Founder and CTO, Malcolm DÂsouza shares, ÂWe believe that there is immense potential within India to design, develop and produce cutting edge technology and products which can cater a global market need. It is a great time for India and Indian start-ups to take on global giants and show that India is the next frontier of technological innovation.Â

The Spintly BLE mesh-enabled IoT platform allows doors to communicate with each other and send data across the doors to the cloud. Spintly enables access control solutions for various market segments, including corporate offices, co-working spaces, small businesses, manufacturing facilities, residential communities, and Hospitality. Other market segments like education, healthcare and logistics also have burning pain areas which Spintly can solve. Spintly has scaled its presence in India, the Middle East and Africa through a strong network of resellers and partners.

Spintly aims to become the global leader in wireless Access Control and building automation with its cloud-based platform. The company aims at scaling up its presence in international markets like Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. The company is also investing in new technology development which will help them grow into the building automation sector. 

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