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Sukki Menon and her rise to stardom

Sukki Menon

Sukki Menon, who you might know as Sukki Singapora is the charming lively girl from  Netflix’s “Singapore Social”.

The Indian-Singaporean Brit Sukki Menon started in burlesque and is now heading towards the television. She learnt the value of versatility and confidence in her burlesque days and after her mesmerising debut on Netflix, it’s no wonder that Menon is the talk of the town.

Of course, hard work has been the key to Menon’s success, but there is another factor to her success that is usually overlooked. That factor is being in the right place at the right time.

You can work hard and dig endlessly, but you won’t strike gold in every ground. You need to be where the gold is, and work hard there. Menon understood that she had to showcase her hard work at the places where it would be appreciated and understood.

In her early days, when Menon started with burlesque, she would stack up gigs back to back abroad in order to pay for the flights there and get her name out. Over time things got bigger and bigger for her, and that’s when Netflix noticed and Menon made the transition from burlesque on a stage to burlesque on television.

The minute she started doing television everything fell into place.

The debut on Singapore Social made her a widely recognised face, and Menon doesn’t plan on looking back.

Menon is determined to keep pushing the envelope. An entertainer by heart, as long as Menon can keep entertaining people, and inspiring others to follow their hearts, then there’s no stopping her.

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