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“Surroundings give you more stories than imaginations!” explained by young author Kuhu aka Kaamna Dwivedi

Young Kuhu aka Kaamna Dwivedi, was just a 17-year-old high school girl when she stepped into the writer’s community during…

“Surroundings give you more stories than imaginations!” explained by young author Kuhu aka Kaamna Dwivedi

Young Kuhu aka Kaamna Dwivedi, was just a 17-year-old high school girl when she stepped into the writerÂs community during her teenage days. A girl who belongs to Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, loves exploring and had visited many states for education. She is the epitome of knowledge. Overcoming obstacles and facing challenges are major interests of her.

Kuhu had studied in Delhi public school, Indore, MP till her 2nd grade. She had seen a lot of difficulties at a very early age. She lost her father when she was in her 3rd standard of the school. All these circumstances made her completely shift to Ambikapur with her mother. She studied from 3rd standard to 8th standard in holy cross convent sr. sec secondary school, Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh. After that, she decided to get into a residential school for her higher studies. she went to Sri Viswasanthi Sr.sec residential school, vuyyuru, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, and studied there till 10th grade.

The main turning point of her life when she realized for becoming a writer is the movement she joined her residential school. There she realizes how great it would be if she can write and express her own thoughts. According to her writing is a religion, filled with immense emotions and feelings. She also used to take active participation in curriculum activities. This young writer has also been a dancing, singing, and drama admirer. She used to be a student completely active in all these fields during her school days.

She loves adventure and risk, and this is another point that adds to her writing skills. She respects her teacher who encouraged her to become a better person by exploring her won skills. All these circumstances lead her to write and engraved a good position in the writing field. The main intention of her behind choosing the writing field is to pen down the thoughts and lessons that she learned in her own life.  She adopts themes for her writings from her surroundings more than her imagination.

The author believes, you need surrounding and experiences to live the lives of many folks and to see the reality for writing. No imagination is prevailing than the reality you see and that will give you perfect them to write your own thoughts. Her interest in medical got her into the science stream in her school and she decided to prepare for NEET entrance.

To achieve her dream to become a doctor she also took a step and joined Allen coaching institution, Rajasthan. Everything was going well and she was giving her best to prepare for medicals, but then come to a moment when she realized her interest was not in medical. She is an art lover who believes in creativity. There she was standing at a juncture where she finds herself very late to quit her medical coaching. There she took an unflinching decision to run her interest and career in one phase simultaneously.

She was preparing for medicals along with started her writing career. She published her first novel in 2020 when people were going through a lot of unpredictable catastrophes. Her novel was named “The Unexpected Things!”, a beautiful phenomenal work by the young writer. The courage she showed amidst lockdown when everyone was busy with different kinds of stuff is unbelievable.  After that, she was also been a co-author in anthologies like ÂEternal Bliss Of TogethernessÂ, ÂSenescent SmileÂ, ÂThe WanderlustÂ, ÂForever & AlwaysÂ. She also got the fireboxx Best Debut Author Award for her novel ÂThe Unexpected Things! She also participated in Yo Champ Season 1 and Season 2, which was held in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. Her principle is ÂNEVER LET PEOPLE CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE YOURSELF! Kuhu currently is working on her upcoming novel and says she’s going to publish it this year (2021) as soon as possible.  The package of unpleasant experiences that’s she carries with her makes her unstoppable and intrepid. She learned a lot of experiences at a very young age and all these made her a strong personality with a never-giving-up kind of attitude. She knows how to cope with mental health issues and the way to deal with life. This is the reason how without any discomfort she adjusts and adopted the culture of different states.

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