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Tauseef finally launches his own production house after mastering the art of fashion photography


” Some heroes wear masks ” – This catchphrase may sound very fascinating but appears utopian. A person who does prominent work never goes unrecognized, but this man from Bollywood, Tauseef, is one of the living epitomes of such. People have barely heard his name, but have loved his works. Tauseef is a fashion photographer who also directs and produces films. He is going to make his directorial debut with Odisha tourism soon.

Tauseef has worked to be where he is today. He started as a fashion photo assistant and after a few years, he became a photographer himself. His interest and creativity in the art led him to this field. He has worked as a chief assistant photographer at Pravin Talan Photography and also was the former director and fashion photographer at Tauseef S Photography. This organization works with top Bollywood celebrities and is very famous. Much later, he started working as an assistant director and then slowly paved his way to direct and produce films himself. He is currently the assistant director at Chrome Pictures and also the Chief assistant director at Kite Runner Films. Kite Runner Films is a Mumbai-based famous production house that specializes in Ad films (TVCs) and also music videos. His social media has many interesting updates about his life. From working for giant brands to shooting models of different genres, his social media is one of the most interesting places to be in. He has worked with stalwarts of industry like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Robin Uthappa, Chris Gayle, Rana Daggubati, and many more.

The most fascinating element in his social media is his fashion photography. From mundane monochrome pictures to sharp mono-colored palette pictures, from textures to patterns, from playing with light to filming silhouettes, Tauseef’s photographs are simply remarkable. His photos make instant connections with the viewers and tell their own stories. His pictures are cinematic. He tries to capture and put in a lot of drama in the frame. He doesn’t pick any random person or a place as a subject. A different face, a different place attracts him. And through one shot, he tries to narrate everything about his subject. After his own fashion photography house, he also launched a production house under his banner. When filming, he wants the audience to keep the feeling or remember that little story even when they come out of the cinema hall by just having a glance at his pictures. He wants them to enjoy the entire screenplay and take away the whole cinematic film.

Tauseef originally hails from Patna but is currently working in Mumbai. Probably, this is one of the reasons he calls himself a “nomad”. All his social media handles are titled as Tauseef S Nomad. He is a person who believes that people should recognize his work and not the person he is. As takes a long process to become a good photographer or better yet, a great photographer and it usually takes a lot of effort, passion, motivation, ambition, hard work, and adventurous spirit. A good photographer focuses on beating his or her competition in whatever photography niche he or she has chosen, while great photographers are pacesetters creating distinct photos that people go searching for. These kinds of photographers have a brand and a name in their niche. However, all photographers do not become photographers overnight and have to go through a long and tedious process to become who they are. Thus, he wants no one to know who the real Tauseef is. He wants to go unnoticed by his identity as he thinks he should be the sole decision-maker of his life. He makes his own rules and leads life by his own choices. He is otherwise a very emotional person who tries to find permanence in the little things of life. He is introverted and is very shy. Sometimes, he hardly wants to meet people and probably this is also one of the reasons why he doesn’t want to appear in the public eye. As Tauseef believes that people should take it easy after 30, he is thus leaving no stones unturned to make a mark and do enough before the age.

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