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Shubham Bishnoi gets to be famously known as TechyFrank

Here is a young man who has not just achieved a lot in the technical and social media world but…

Shubham Bishnoi gets to be famously known as TechyFrank

Here is a young man who has not just achieved a lot in the technical and social media world but has also gained great knowledge about current trends. We have seen a lot of teenagers creating YouTube videos, laying out channels showing vlogs about travel, writing affiliate marketing blogs, creating art videos, flaunting new looks, etc. But here is one such teenager –  Shubham Bishnoi who calls himself as TechyFrank. True to the name he is frank about every technology that he speaks about. He has a passion to reveal every bit of how a new technology works. Also, he is frank about his life which combines with his work. So the name TechyFrank is apt to all the work he uploads on social media. Here is a much detailed description of this multitalented guy who along with pursuing electrical engineering is doing a lot more for the technical world. 

Shubham Bishnoi has achieved good success on social media through his tech videos. In 2016, at the age of 12, he started a youtube channel like any other teenager but this was one with a difference. It was all about technology. At such a young age he was able to explain every technical detail to the viewers. However, as a schoolboy, he had responsibilities towards his regular studies and had to take a break. This passion brought him back to the technical world within a span of just 2 years. In 2018, he started TechyFrank. Initially, TechyFrank was about creative art and leaks about un launched gadgets. A leakster is always prone to pressure by the makers. So was Shubham Bishnoi who was depressed when various brands pressurized him to back off from leaking the details of their product and so he had to take down many posts on social media handles. The depression however made him strong and the break was much needed for this young tech enthusiast.

After such an episode of taking down posts, a friend introduced him to Bitcoin. Being tech-savvy, it took him just 5 days to research over all the points he had accumulated in the 5 hours of discussion about it with his friend. When he had gained good profits in a short term initially, he has continued the journey and is still on it. The cryptocurrency which is also a new thing in the global market is just one part of his findings.  However, the focus is mainly on technology. Name a reputed brand of smartphone which is expected in the market newly and Shubham has a detailed video on his social media handles. He caters to giving information that is unseen and not available anywhere on the internet. That is how capable he is of research on technology. Also, he has the ability to explain any complicated technology in a manner that can be understood by a small kid.

A product or a gadget becomes attractive not just by how it looks or by its specifications. A buyer is better impressed by what goes into the making of one such gadget. Shubham Bishnoi strongly believes in this and hence puts all the effort to bring out minute details about every gadget that he talks about in his videos. A video is more attractive than a write-up or a blog through both equally cater to attracting a buyer. His videos are simple and easy to understand. Overall TechFranky makes buying gadgets easier! One can also see updated posts about the latest gadgets, technical updates, etc on TechyFrankÂs social media pages.

To follow the trends and keep up with website rankings, this digital creator also works on fashion, travel, and lifestyle along with being an Amazon influencer. He reviews products frankly which has helped many buyers as well as sellers. TechyFrank today has about 45k followers.  We wish him great success ahead.

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