The Delhi based ‘Show Stoppers’- The Band – spreading the joy of music wherever they go

Everything’s better when you have comfortable company around you. To bask in the beauty of art with your friends is a stirring experience.

The ShowStoppers are music artists from Delhi, who play at social events. Everyone at these events is tied by the string of music. The ShowStoppers connect with their audience and play the songs that everyone would like regardless of their music preferences.

Finding a setlist that everyone would like is easy for the ShowStoppers as, within the band, seven of them have different musical tastes and come together to cook up a delicious music feast.

Sound Engineer Dinesh looks after the overall flow of music and DJ Abhi plays the mixes he has created.

Rinku plays the Dhol and draws in everyone through this desi touch and Tarun Raj the percussionist creates a powerful moving atmosphere.

To top it off, the ShowStoppers’ lead singers Ragini and Rao Gaurav step in to lend their beautiful voices and sing to their heart’s content.

The responsibility of getting the crowd hyped for the ShowStoppers lies on Bhuvan the hype creator. He is a charismatic orator and sets the stage for his bandmates.

The harmony between the band members gifts the audience with a wonderful time and adds a grand ambiance to the event they are at.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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