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The Man who dreams of A Glorious India: Bobby Kataria

Bobby KatariaBobby Kataria

In a world devoid of kindness, and plagued by sorrow, many outcasts struggle to find a helping hand. While the rich slaughters the poor for their self-interest, many seem to ignore this cycle of ill-treatment and walked away to save themselves. However, amid this selfishness, are people who rescue the needy, and become their guardians. Bobby Kataria, a man of little riches, but an immensely wealthy heart, strive to make our society a kinder place even in these dark times.

Balwant, also known as Bobby, believes that ever since the day he can to be, on November 28th 1985, his destiny as a social worker was set. Hailing from Gurugram, a city in Haryana, Bobby’s family had always wanted him to get the best education. However, for that, the family was forced to move to Delhi. Ever since his childhood, Bobby had an extremely keen sense of justice. He wanted the unfortunate and the deprived to be treated with respect and care. All he could dream about was witnessing Mother India reach the height of her glory; becoming the bird of gold that she was once famously called.

Goodness and kindness cannot be constricted within the physical limits created by numbers. Bobby realized that no matter how small your good-deed is; its value surpasses that of any treasure imaginable. The stories of Bobby’s selflessness were sung by many whom he had saved from the clutches of poverty and death. He is primarily known to cross all boundaries, and help the poor while surpassing his constraints. It was after he had finished his High School, which he decided to form his NGO. Bobby knew that the task at hand was not simple, but she was ready to bet his entire life to accomplish it. With immense resilience, and insurmountable struggle was Bobby able to start the famous Yuvaekta Foundation.

Manju Singh, who is now the director in Bobby’s NGO, has made her reputation in both fieldwork and technical support; watching his back at all times. Many gallant tales of his trials and tribulations are safely recorded on their Facebook page, for the society to see and appreciate. No matter the difficulty of a case, Bobby and his team will strive for success. In their career, the Yuvaekta Foundation has successfully resolved hundreds of accident, Prosco and rape cases; helping the victims gain justice! It is estimated that Bobby and his Foundation miraculously solve more than 99% of all recorded and non-recorded cases of a person going missing. She is also known for supporting the hospital bills of the poor and supervising otherwise life-threatening surgeries, like a kidney transplant.

Bobby’s courage truly has no bounds; he and his team had single-handedly traced the location of criminals who had kidnapped and abused an innocent girl. Without a care for his own life, Bobby managed to free the child and save her from her doom. Bobby is also known for protecting the beating heart of a helpless newborn baby, who was mistakenly reported dead. He had proved the doctors’ wrong and pulled the baby out of the jaws of death.

Bobby’s story is that of a man trying to prove to the work that goodness still exists, without worrying how faint its glow. All Humans are out companions, and without the values of togetherness, we might lose our humanity.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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