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Top 10 Air Purifiers to Safeguard Yourself From Toxic Air

Are you inhaling contaminated air? You must be aware that air pollution negatively impacts human health in several ways. We…

Top 10 Air Purifiers to Safeguard Yourself From Toxic Air

Are you inhaling contaminated air? You must be aware that air pollution negatively impacts human health in several ways. We must protect ourselves from inhaling harmful or toxic air. Do you want to inhale fresh, clean and safe air? Bring the best air purifier to your home which will enhance your overall health and the quality of air you breathe. It will help remove allergens, and microscopic organisms.

Keep your indoor environment safe and secure by using air purifiers and reducing the risks of airborne diseases also reduce asthma triggers in the air. This will help you to keep healthy and fit. But the question that arises is how to pick out the best one and for that purpose, we are providing you with the shortlisted product brands to make your work easy, check the lists and choose the best one.     

What to look for before buying an Air Purifier?

Filter:  Choose the filter wisely, especially consider an air purifier with high-efficiency particulate air filters because these can help you eliminate the microscopic pollutants.

Clean Air Delivery Rate: It is one of the important factors to check the clean air delivery rate which measures the volume of the air that can purified with maximum speed rate.

Air Quality Index: Before buying an air purifier check the AQI monitor then you can able to check the air quality easily.

Air purifiers based on Area: the size of your room where you want to place your air purifier is an important factor that you consider while buying. Check your room whether it is small or large and buy your air purifier accordingly.   

Customer services: Make sure to check the customer services and read the complete warranty data for your betterment.

Blue Star AP420OAN Room Air Purifier  (White, Grey)

Utilize a Blue Star air purifier and breathe in nutritious and fresh air. With its sens air technology feature, it immediately scans and prefects pollutants and it will be responsible for ensuring quick and efficient air purification. This air purifier’s microbe sterilisation technology makes the surroundings healthy and one can breathe freely also it ensures that the air you breathe is free from microorganisms, such as pollen, and bacteria. Additionally, its digital PM 2.5 numeric indicator clearly shows the levels of fine particulate matter present in the air. It will also notify you at the time of replacing the filter indicator due to its filter change indicator feature. You can bring this air purifier to your home as it has an offer of 50% off, the best deal to grab the opportunity.

Pros: Touch user interface, child lock, and filter change indicator.

Cons: It’s not a humidifier, portable and no automatic shut-off feature is available.

Customer Rating: 4.3

Voltas VAP55TWV Portable Room Air Purifier  (White)

Take a healthy and peaceful breath with the Voltas portable room purifier. Its activated carbon and Pre-Filter feature help in the filtration process and its prime function is to capture the large particles. This ensures long-lasting the life of your filter and makes your system more efficient. It has a UV Filter and antibacterial Filter to detect and perfect the pollutant and gives you fresh air. Traps the pollutants in the activated carbon filter to purify the air. It has the feature of a touch control type which can smooth your work efforts. Bring this perfect air purifier for your good health with its great deal offer of 50% off.

Pros: Touch control type, UV lamp and anti-bacterial filter.

Cons: No humidifier and 3D circulation flow is available.  

FAST FINE Portable Room Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser or Humidifier Revitalizer dispenser Portable Room Air Purifier  (green)

 The Fast Fine Room Freshener is designed to enhance the ambience in your home or to beautify your interior.  It will ensure immediate freshness in specific places according to your will, with its lemon grass aroma oil-free. It will give enormous beauty and fragrance to your home, without judgment about where you live, every home is beautiful when Fast Fine is in the Air. With the seasonal change, the air change is also observed. But Fast Fine offers you a rich palette of fragrances or healthy smells, thus, you can easily adapt to the changes while just comfortably sitting in your home with nice fragrances and fresh-smelling. It has a humidifier feature which will provide moisture and extract the pollutants. You can bring this air purifier into your home with a great deal offer of 60% off.

Pros:  Humidifier, portable and silent mode feature is available.

Cons:  No UV lamp and display type convenient feature is available.

Customer Rating: 4.1

Honeywell Air Touch V2 Portable Room Air Purifier  (White)

The Honeywell Air Touch  Air Purifier offers the ultimate air purification solution, it will ensure a nutritious and more tranquil environment in your home. Its advanced three-stage air filtration system is linked with a Pre-Filter, H13 HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter that removes the germs, pollutants, and micro-allergens from the air including dust, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).  The air purification cycle runs every 12 minutes to ensure optimal air purification. You will feel superior air quality with Front and upward Airflow technology.  Filter life of Up to 3000hrs or 1 year. Filter change Indicator alerts you when it’s time to replace the filter. It has a touch panel control which will ease your work efforts. Bring this amazing air purifier for fresh air in your home with 40% off the best deal offer.

Pros: 3D circulation air flow and portable.

Cons: The child lock and humidifier feature is not available.

Customer Rating: 4.

KENT Alps Portable Room Air Purifier  (white, pink)

 The Kent Alps Air Purifier comes with a high-efficacious antibacterial covered with a HEPA filter that removes dust particles and other pollutant substances and 2.5 particulate matter from the household air through a 3-stage mechanism. Foremostly, the primary filter removes large particles, afterwards the activated carbon filter is installed that removes odours or other bad smells like pet smells, Formaldehyde, Benzene, and cigarette smells, and at the end, the antibacterial HEPA filter is responsible for removing bacteria, dust, allergens, and PM 2.5 particulates. It has a convenient portable feature which is more convenient for use. Get this air purifier to you with the best deal offer of  70% off.

Pros: Portable, suitable for medium size rooms.


Customer Rating: 4.1

Dyson Hot+Cool Portable Room Air Purifier  (Black, Nickel)

For safe and fresh air breath you can choose the Dyson portable room air purifier. With its activated carbon filter type, it will help in extracting the pollutants or other dust particles and will purify the air. It has other convenient features for smooth functioning such as a timer you can set the timing and get the direction accordingly. Moreover, it has a portable convenience feature for the easy working process. This air purifier has an LED  display button which adds to your comfort list. Buy this air purifier with the offer of 15% off.

 Pros: Portable, automatic shut-off and LED display button is available.

Cons: Accidental physical damage is not covered under warranty.

Customer Rating: 5.

Blue Star BS-AP300DAI with HEPA Filter, Microbe DeActive+ Technology Portable Room Air Purifier  (White, Green)

This Blue Star Air Purifier is here to ensure that you breathe only clean, fresh and safe air, because of its advanced 3-stage Multi Purification System. It has an auto filter clean LED Indicator, that will help you to identify when it’s time to clean or change the filter so it will be easy for to you use it without any tension. The HEPA Filter helps to trap fine dust particles and bacteria to ensure that every breath you take is easy and safe. You can get this air purifier with the offer of 25% off.

Pros:  Air quality sensor, and humidifier.

Cons: Less speed setting number is there.

Customer Rating: 4.3

BARTAN WALE AO SMITH Portable Fridge Air Purifier  (BLACK)

To keep yourself free from water-borne diseases bring the Bartan Wale AO Smith portable air purifier. With its  8 stages of purification, this purifier gives you water which not just healthy, fresh and clean, but also enriched with minerals. Due to its one-touch dispensing system, you will have good taste and healthy water to drink in no time.

Pros: A portable and one-touch dispensing feature is available.


PHILIPS AC1217/20 Portable Room Air Purifier  (White)

Keep your indoor air free from dust, dirt, smell and microorganisms with the Philips Series Air Purifier. With its clean air delivery rate of up to 260 cubic metres per hour offers fast and efficient performance it becomes more convenient for the user to use. And, it ensures that every corner of your room is filled with clean air. The three-layer filtration with NanoProtect HEPA, active carbon, and pre-filter of this air purifier collects even the smallest particles from the air, keeping it clean and hygienic. Additionally, featuring smart sensors, this air purifier scans the level of pollutants in the air, offers air quality status, and selects the right purification speed. Featuring a smart sensor for better performance.

Pros: Durable air purifier and low noise operations feature are available

Cons: No option for automatic shut-off and child lock.

Customer Rating: 4.1

Ryuga Air Purifier Cool Mist Small Volcano Humidifier, Warm Red&Blue Fire Night Light Portable Room Air Purifier  (WHITE)

This original volcano flame cool air humidifier diffuser adopted ultrasonic atomization, automatic rotating airflow, combined with intelligent LED lights to simulate the flame and volcano mode, and the volcano mode emits a fog-like volcanic eruption scene DESK VOLCANO FLAME AIR HUMIDIFIER, the stylish look is beautifully combined with the smart LED mist modes. Place this fire diffuser, or fireplace humidifier in your bedroom and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to bring you a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, it has a large diameter design, easy to add water and essential oils, more convenient to clean.

Pros: Automatic shut off and portable feature.

Cons: No child lock.

Customer Rating:  4.3

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q1. Why should someone buy an air purifier?

Air purifiers can improve overall indoor air quality in a home, they will remove all the pollutants and dirt that cause any human-related issues.

Q2. How much space will an air purifier cover?

It depends on the need and family size but portable air purifiers for single rooms cover areas up to 700 square feet effectively.

Q3. Are air purifiers loud?  

The loudness of an air purifier depends on a few factors like the model of the air purifier. You should be aware of the noise rating while choosing the product brands.

Q4. How does an air purifier work?

The air purifier draws the air using a fan and passes it through its filter.

Q5. Define HEPA air purifier.

An air purifier that uses a HEPA filter as its primary air cleaning method is known as a HEPA air purifier.