Top 5 Budget Friendly Microwave Ovens for Your Home (November 2023)



Top 5 Budget Friendly Microwave Ovens for Your Home (November 2023)

Top 5 Budget Friendly Microwave Ovens For Your Home (November 2023)

Top 5 Budget Friendly Microwave Ovens for Your Home (November 2023)

Craving for some healthy food but also want to cook it fast? Yes, It is possible just by bringing microwave ovens into your home and in your budget only. The best microwave ovens are meant for healthy cooking and preparing meals quickly. With the advent of microwave ovens, you can easily prepare your meal in less time and with a minimum quantity of oil. This will ensure that you eat healthy food and can take care of your health. The people who

are busy and don’t have enough time to prepare their meals, can relax and cook them within very little time. This is the best kitchen appliance for someone who is a foodie or someone busy preparing multiple dishes at a time. You can bake, or prepare several kinds of dishes with the help of microwave ovens. That will be a big help if you want to cook food easily and hassle-free.

Are you considering purchasing new budget friendly microwaves in India? The abundance of alternatives may astound you. Thus, we are providing you with shortlisted microwave ovens with their prices and customer ratings. Take a look and pick the best one.

What to look for before buying the best microwave ovens?

Timer: You must ensure that the microwave has a timer option that automatically ends a heating or cooking process. With this feature of the microwave, your workload may be reduced, moreover, during the mid-time, you can focus on any other work

Preheat: this is one of the important factors, that the microwave oven should have the option for temperature setting before cooking, that will also help you to cook your food efficiently and also help in making some desired recipes.

Defrost: by using this option, you can easily unfreeze the food in microwave ovens.

Self-cook menu:  In this feature, you just need to select the type of dish, and it will automatically set the cooking time.

Child lock menu: Buy a microwave that gives the option of setting a lock code, this will ensure safety for children at home.

Budget: Evaluate your budget, that aligns with your requirements also check the brand reliability and durability. Set the budget according to your preferences and possibilities. The most suitable microwave oven for you would be the one that fits your pocket and completes all the checkboxes of your requirements.

Power consumption:  check the power wattage, as because wattage usually result in faster cooking times.

LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven  (MS2043BP, Black)

Try thrilling recipes and titillate your taste buds with this LG microwave oven (20 L). The i-wave technology lets you cook quicker and healthier, and the feature of the Next Step Guide helps you discover buttons while you’re operating this oven. At the top, the Energy-consuming feature helps you save on your electricity bills. It features an antibacterial cavity for an odour-free interior, and even a reheat and defrost function is available to ensure that cooking is an effortless task for you. There is also a touch keypad control panel which reduces your workload. Get this microwave oven with the best offer of 30% off.


  • It is an energy-saving microwave oven which will help you in reducing your electricity bills.
  • It has a touch keypad control type.


  • It has no preheat feature.

Customer Rating: 4.4

IFB 20 L Solo Microwave Oven  (20PM-MEC2, White)

This IFB microwave is best suited for whether you are cooking, re-heating, defrosting, roasting spices or papad, it will provide you with all-rounder coverage for someone who needs a good microwave. It can surely reduce your workload and give the best output A creatively designed cavity with the feature of a rotating glass turn table ensures even heat and consistent results. Enjoy Gourmet cooking every day. Bring this super microwave oven to your home with 20% off the actual price.


  • Preheating facilities are there.
  • A defrost feature is also available.


  • Memory function is not available.
  • No child lock option is available.

Customer Rating: 4.5

 Haier 20 L Solo Microwave Oven  (HIL2001MWPH, Black)

With the different power levels, of the Haier solo microwave, you can ensure that your food is perfectly cooked and not overcooked. You can adjust the power to facilitate proper cooking, moreover, with a compact body, this microwave oven helps enhance the decor of your kitchen and gives a plus to your interior without taking up too much space. Along with that, you will get the 35-minute timer, this microwave oven allows you to evenly cook and heat food. This microwave oven has a painted cavity that provides rigid heating of food and better reflection. Reduce your workload just by bringing this super microwave oven to your home with 35% off.


  • Defrost frozen food features, that will safeguard your veggies from being frozen.
  • A timer feature is available.


  • There are no preheat, or reheat features is there.
  • The auto-cook menu is not available.
  • No option for a steam cook.

Customer Rating: 4.3

BAJAJ 17 L Solo Microwave Oven  (1702MT, White)

You can enjoy a delicious meal with the Bajaj solo microwave oven, which can easily prepare your food in your comfort. With its mechanical knob, it is easy to use and control and also can run long life. It has pre-heat facilities which can again ease your work and also have a timer feature, you can set the timer according to your need. It will help you keep unfreezing your food or veggies because of its defrost feature. Get this amazing microwave oven to your home with the grand offer of 50% off.  


  • It has preheat, or reheat facilities.
  • A timer setting is available.
  • Defrost [performance feature is there.
  • Average capacity of 17 L.


  • Auto cook menu is not available

Customer rating: 4.3

 Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven  (NN-ST26JMFDG, Silver)

Try different and tasty recipes with the Panasonic solo microwave oven. It has a large capacity of up to 20 L that helps you cook or heat food without any interruptions. With its 51 auto menu options, this microwave oven enables you to try out different meals every day or make new dishes by giving you multiple menu options to choose from. If you are a foodie and have the desire to eat something new every day, then this microwave oven is just perfect for you. Furthermore, because of its digital control, this microwave lets you access the features easily and make your work effortless. Bring this microwave oven to your home with the offer of 25% off.


  • The auto menus feature will allow you to try different recipes every day.
  • A digital keypad control type is available.
  • Timer setting options are there.


  • No preheating feature is there.
  • No defrost feature is available in this microwave oven.

Customer Rating:4.4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does a microwave oven last on average?

Generally, this depends on your choice of brands they provide according to their services, the lifeline varies based on the product and maintenance. But overall, a basic conventional microwave oven has a lifespan of around 7 years.

Q2. What are the top brands of microwave ovens?

LG, Samsung, Panasonic, ifb, and Bajaj, Godrej have continuously topped the list of the most reliable brands in India. But you can surely try different brands as per their services.

Q3. Is the microwave oven energy extensive?

There are many branded microwave ovens available which are less power-consuming. Again, it will depend upon how much you cook. If you cook more and more food, it will show high on your electricity bills.  

 Q4. Is it better to clean the microwave with lemon or vinegar?

Both the options are effective at cleaning the microwave oven but the lemon is the preferred choice because it has pleasant smelling.

Q5. Which utensils we can use for heating purposes?

Plastic, glass or any other microwave proofer container we can use for heating purposes.