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Trading Sensation In Kashmir-Fuzail Naqash Young, CEO of THE ALIF E TRADING PVT LTD

“The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”, says Robert T Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad And Poor Dad.
People in India risk it all to provide proper education to their children but think it is a waste of money in investing for financial literacy. They are not clear on the difference between education and financial literacy. Many people are unaware of the marvelous advantages of investment. Thus, all they do to earn more money is save more money even at the cost of their basic needs.

But the modern world doesn’t allow you to live on your earnings. In order to survive in this expensive era, you need to invest. As the world has gone all digital, investment has also taken a digital form. There are many rising trading companies that assist you in becoming affluent in trading skills. But how can you know which one of them can be the most favorable for you?

You will get the solution right here in this article as you read along.

It goes a long way back to 7 years when Fuzail Naqash from Jammu and Kashmir started trading Forex and Binary Trading. An amateur trader with 0% knowledge who had no idea about how long his journey would be, today guides more than 50 clients with a profit rate of 100%. With  6+ years of quality experience, he then started his own company namely-THE ALIF E TRADING PVT LTD through which he throws light upon the entire trading process and handling trading accounts.

The 22-year-old founder of THE ALIF E TRADING PVT LTD is known to be the one having the one and the only forex and binary investment planning company in Kashmir. Starting the journey of trading has been one of the best decisions for Fuzail. Today he is successfully running his Instagram page with the support of more than 100k insta families. Even his youtube channel is a large family with 90k+ members.

Fuzail Naqash, who has been helping people to comprehend the analysis of modern trading has now become a public figure. His business follows a strict work ethic and principles that make his company an unprecedented one. He firmly believes in the quality of output that his company renders. And thus always works to make the best of his resources.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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