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Travel and Fashion Bug Turned Fitness Blogger Megha Sarin’s Journey Is Exciting

Already taking the city by storm by her intuitive eating, yoga and cooking workshops, Fitness enthusiast Megha Sarin’s blog, Fit As A Fiddle is catching a lot of viewers from health freaks all over! With a Masters in Fashion Management from the reputed NIFT Calcutta, Megha is your fashion diva plus travel freak and fitness enthusiast all in one. Having travelled to 20 countries and counting, Megha sure knows how to live and preach the good life, evident in her blogs and workshops on health and fitness. Megha rejects the formula of fad diets and insists on all-natural, non packaged whole foods that the earth so kindly blesses us with. This is what sets her apart from the other names in fitness, as she encourages body positivity and workouts according to what your body itself wants. She herself is a PCOS survivor and has lost 18 kgs in a short span of time, proving time and again that Yoga, rest, and a lifestyle integrated to a good ecosystem is the key to health. 

Megha is setting a benchmark for what health means in the 21st century and feels that we need to adapt accordingly, very evident with the healthy recipes and intuitive eating she teaches in her reputed workshops. When asked to choose between her love for fashion and fitness, she wittily answers, “Fitness and beauty go hand in hand, you have to be fit to look good, and when you are looking food to feel good. It all comes down to a healthy lifestyle, rooted to the earth”. 

How a woman of her charisma handles all these three things – Fashion, Travel and Fitness is commendable and inspirational, but Megha’s mantra to this is that – “The to-do list is never ending, we are in a constant rush to fulfil our dreams, that is my purpose to live!”. Now that’s truly path breaking and something for fitness freaks all over to watch out for, as she takes yet another industry by storm!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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