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We are given a life but how we remold it in the best way depends on us. Work consistently and success will automatically show you its path. Aarushi Chaudhary (Juhi) is a personality that totally pictures the frame of this phrase.
She was born in the beautiful landscape of Dehradun on 5 April 1995. Her dreams turned into aspirations and further the aspirations turned into determined reality goals.

The dream she once dream and now fulfilled is that of career in modeling and acting. Every success story has many struggle stories, what is more important is how you develop yourself from these challenges and make your own mark in the society.
Success doesn’t come overnight; it takes years of hard work and practice.

Aarushi Chaudhary (juhi) is a experienced person in this field, where she has faced a lot of ups and downs. Giving up on your dreams should never be an option in your success race; this thought can destroy all your aspirations.

This journey of almost 5 years has taught a lot of lessons and sacrifices to her.
Speaking about her great achievements in this field,

She was one of the finalists of Miss India globe 2019 by magnat productions & Reddwings productions and Miss Mumbai globe brand ambassador. She is also been featured in two songs with Bollywood singer mohd Danish. First song is ‘can’t keep calm’ and the second song is ‘sajna tere bina.’

She started with this career in 2015, and her future plans and goals are to pursue and learn more about her career and win more awards of pageants, success is all about trial and errors. She focuses on improving further to reach flying colors.

Aarushi Chaudhary (Juhi) speaks that she will be working on many projects which includes TV songs, TVC ads and e-commerce shoots. She has inspired and enlightened a heavy crowd who aspire to pursue their career in modeling and acting. We wish she receives enormous success in future.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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