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Vikrant Negi Says “Rap & Hip Hop is no longer Underground in India”

Rap & Hip hop is no longer Underground in India, Like other contemporary cultures, Hip hop is getting established and recognized in the Southern Asian continent. Being one of the world’s most influential culture, Hip hop has always been influencing the lifestyle, Fashion, language, and music interest of millions of people. A music genre that was once considered very small, hip hop/rap is now gone majorly commercial. 

There are various artists who have been pushing the scene from its initial stages, Vikrant Negi aka Sultan is one of hip hop artist who has been working towards creating awareness and establishing desi hip hop since 2009, way earlier than the famous Bollywood get the vibes of rap and hip hop. 

He has dropped more than 20 songs & an album since 2009 and now runs a dedicated DIY youtube channel Sultan Nation for Hip Hop heads and enthusiast, the channel is India’s first and biggest Hip Hop DIY channel with 2 Million watch time & viewership with 5000 + unique daily traffic on the channel. Know Hip Hop has more than 20 such Hip Hop & music Industry related episodes which are useful to fresh musicians and rappers. “I do it for culture, It’s my responsibility to educate, motivate and guide the youngsters. Someone has to help them and equip them with right technical know-how and promotional strategies” said Sultan who also works for Sony Music India as Senior A&R Manager.

By TIS Staffer
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