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Vishal Ahuja’s @dankstory on Instagram and Facebook Is Keeping Netizens Happy

To run a successful social media page, you need exceptional talent, and it should attract every age of people to gain success with your page. 

Vishal Ahuja is doing exactly a thing that is needed to run a successful page on a social media platform. He is an admin of the popular Instagram and Facebook page called @dankstory.

@dankstory was started in 2017 by Vishal Ahuja to entertain people with his humor, and he immediately got success in one year as followers list touched 100K in one year’s time and in two years’ time he is having a family of more than 167.K on Instagram and Facebook. 

@dankstory is a highly popular page on Instagram, and every post on the page is read liked and commented by page lovers. Vishal Ahuja’s constant updates with light humor have able to keep people loving this page from the past few years. In fact, more and more people are connecting to this page of Vishal Ahuja.

Vishal Ahuja does lots of research online, and he also loves to write, and his qualities are helping him gain more fame in social media. 

Vishal Ahuja is growing as a renowned name he also wants to be an Entrepreneur in the coming years. Other than social media, he loves to play chess. He feels chess is good for the mind, and it makes your mind sharp.

Looking at his page growth on the social media platform, we feel @dankstory will create many more records in the coming years. It will great to see how he tackles this huge fan following because growing popularity on social media also adds responsibility to you and Vishal Ahuja is still young it will be great to see how he works in the future.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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