We are the destination for all business buyers, sellers, investors and investment seekers: Sanket Modi, Founder and Director, Simplified Marketplace

Only those businesses thrive that provide a solution to their client’s pain points. And it does not suffice to just provide solutions but the business needs to add value to their customer experience too.

Sanket Modi, Founder and Director, Simplified Marketplace is a brilliant entrepreneur who recognized the prospects of digitalization to leverage its benefits and pass them on to his clients. He is an expert with over a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge in similar domains. Simplified Marketplace is Sanket’s initiative towards easing the struggles and simplifying business buying, selling, and investing for potential business owners and investors all over India.

“It is a known fact, how business trading can be a very tough and unpredictable process and how deeply it impacts the concerned business owners and investors. We aim to simplify such business affairs thereby reducing the anxiety of the involved entities. Simplified Marketplace is an online platform for business buyers, sellers, investors, franchise buyers& sellers, and even for business consultations from distinguished mentors”, states Sanket Modi.

“Being an entrepreneur myself, I completely understand how laborious and weary it can become for startups to gain ground in the industry. The major concern of all the startups is securing sufficient capital to take off in the initial stages. In addition to being deeply involved in the launch and other responsibilities of a new startup, the limited funds demand the entrepreneur’s attention to venture out in search of investments from the right investors. It is one of those initial grueling phases of entrepreneurship that has become an integral part of any startup’s launch story. At Simplified Marketplace, we want to eliminate such concerns and make it easier for startups to direct their efforts at creating unique solutions instead of chasing investors and delaying their launch or operations” adds Sanket.

In alignment with their goal of simplifying business buying, selling, and investments, Simplified Marketplace has partnered with the most prominent banks in India. This initiative enables all the businesses registered on the platform, especially startups to conveniently avail of loans under various flexible loan schemes from their banking partners.

Sanket affirms “We strive to simplify our operations and processes to the next level. Our registration process is pretty basic and straightforward. We have designed it in such a way that it offers a sense of simplicity to all who wish to register with us. It is a simple 4-step process: register with us by filling out some basic information about yourself and your business, our expert team verifies the shared information and approves it, you can then browse through our listings and connect with potential business opportunities and lastly finalize the deal mutually. It is as simple as that!”

Simplified Marketplace believes in giving equal opportunity to all businesses irrespective of the industry they belong to or the size of their business. Hence, their platform welcomes all business entities to connect with and compare potential business opportunities across India. In addition to this, they also have onboard, business mentors with years of experience and knowledge in every possible sector of the industry. All businesses and specifically entrepreneurs and first-time investors can connect with the right mentors who can guide them towards growth and success.

“For those seeking investments to grow their franchise, Simplified Marketplace has huge listings of franchise buyers and sellers across the cities and states in India. Many willing buyers are looking for that one franchise opportunity that suits their plans. The infinite opportunities that Simplified Marketplace provides attract more and more franchise-related listings on our platform. It is a boon to those owners who wish to expand to different cities in the country.” states Sanket.

Simplified Marketplace has integrated technology with convenience to fulfill their mission of connecting potential business opportunities and facilitating partnerships that serve to enhance the customer experience and fulfill the business requirements of all their clients. Developing a seamless business trading digital platform for all categories of business and blending in result-oriented features has propelled Simplified Marketplace as a leader in the digital business trading domain. Know More:

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