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"When you Follow your passion, everything is achievable", says Emerging Makeup Artist Ekta Ponraj

Being a mother is a full-time job that requires constant attention and patience. It is truly a rewarding experience in itself. This also means that there won’t be enough time to pursue one’s goals and interests. However, as a talented makeup artist, Ekta Ponraj proved to be quite an inspiration as she is a mother with high aspirations. Her success mantra is simple- hard work, dedication and an unending supply of patience. She recalls that during her college days, she was very far away from basic skin care, as she believed that natural beauty comes from within. She also used to believe that makeup was not for everyone.


However, the perspective changed after her pregnancy. Being a doting mother, her schedule was hectic and revolved around her baby. She was very much devoted to her household and was always busy with taking care of her family. However, in the process, she forgot to care for herself and completely let go. It was her husband who then encouraged and motivated her to invest in herself. He advised her to take up something that would keep her happy. Ekta soon started researching in detail about healthcare, beauty and makeup brands.


As she went deeper, she realized that she has found her calling. She realized that this was something she would be a natural at and that she should have thought about it much earlier. This realization, in turn, motivated her to take up a certified professional beauty and makeup course. During the learning, Ekta received support and motivation from her own family, which fuelled her passion. After completing the course, she debuted as a freelance makeup artist in 2019. From then on, she met a lot of highly skilled people and expanded her network. Today, she has a dedicated team behind her, who offer makeup services all over India. Her top priority quality and she ensures to send only the best people to her clients. As a hardworking person herself, she takes up only those under her wing, who share the same passion as her. Once a homemaker, now a businesswoman, her success story is very inspirational.

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