“Why does a man rape” – A Book Dedicated To Rape Survivors, Giving An Insight Into Culprit’s Behaviour

Sexual violence or rape has remained a weapon against women for centuries now. However, it seems like we are hearing about it only now. There are several reasons why. Women are no longer the ‘weaker sex’, there is more awareness about sexual crimes, therefore, more complaints being registered, and, last but not the least, media is keeping a keen eye on such cases, more so than ever. But has this stopped or deterred the sexual offenders in any way? Apparently not! The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reported that there were 88 rape cases recorded every day during 2019. So, when the law of land, growing awareness, and media scrutiny could not halt this heinous crime, what more needs to be done, one might be tempted to ask.

Well, creating awareness about the rapist’s behavior might help women avoid getting caught in this unfortunate situation, right? That is what author Jasbir Singh realized and ended up writing his third book, which is “Why Does A Man Rape?” With this book, Jasbir Singh is bringing social change through his words. The book has received rave reviews from everyone who has sampled a reading of it. The book is already available for purchase online. This is Jasbir’s third book after “Forever a Promise” and “I am Also A Human.” His writing prowess is already well-known, for which he has been included in the Indian Awaz list of “10 Inspiring Authors of India” for the year 2018.

According to Jasbir, when he read about the gruesome Muzaffarnagar shelter home rapes, he was shaken to the core and jolted into taking action as per his skills, i.e., writing about it. To give vent to his motivation, he began with preparation for a research-based documentary, which would analyze different aspects of the rape crime. He couldn’t help but go into the history of rape. Talking about the preparation that went into making the documentary as well as writing this book, the author says, “I have done my best to cover various aspects and perspectives in analyzing the facts and issues. Some of the facts that I unearthed shocked me to my core.”

Describing his third book, Jasbir says, “This work is purely research-based. It is a 360-degree analysis of the rape epidemic in our country.” The book is written in a simple, readable style, without going into too much technicality about the topic. He suggests that anybody who is moved by the plight of rape victims and is concerned about where our society is going should read his book. The book is also a must-read for anybody who regularly deals with a rape victim or a sexual offender in his or her line of work.

The bestselling author Jasbir Singh aspires to bring change in society with his words and in doing so, he is doing a great service to society, which remains plagued by myriad crimes today. To know more about this amazing young author and social thinker, you can visit him on Facebook and Instagram.

By TIS Staffer
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