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Wildlife Photographer Bhasmang Mehta Spending Quarantine Time Away From Forests Due To COVID-19

The world is going through a major crisis and it has become a very vulnerable place at this moment. The novel coronavirus has affected the lives of everyone, and it has become a concern for the entire globe. With people losing their lives, there has been a drastic fall in the economy as well. India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi imposed a 21-day lockdown in the country and has advised people to stay indoors to eradicate the deadly virus from the country. Wildlife photographer Bhasmang Mehta who spent most of his time outdoors capturing beautiful moments in the forest is also currently enjoying self-quarantine time.     

An industrialist turned photographer, Bhasmang is currently spending most of his time at home. Hailing from Ahmedabad, the photographer hopes that the lockdown will help in reducing COVID-19. He said, “India is at a very crucial stage right now. All we should do now is follow what our Prime Minister has to say. It’s a different feeling for me to be at home as I spent most of my time in jungles capturing pictures. But this was the much-needed break and I am happy to be with my family and spend time with them. I feel the lockdown is also helping the mother nature to purify as there is no pollution outside. Let’s fight together against the deadly virus and emerge as the winners.”

Bhasmang is into wildlife photography since 2011. After being an industrialist for almost 11 years, he switched his profession to follow his passion. The photographer along with his wife Zankhana owns a photography company named ‘Wildlife Sojourns’. Over the years, Mehta has clicked several spectacular pictures of nature and wildlife. His works are also highly appreciated by top media houses. When asked how he spends his time in quarantine, Bhasmang Mehta replied, “Give a camera to a photographer and see how he brings out creativity from anything and everything. Well, jokes apart, I am currently planning as to how I can expand my company in terms of business and revenue.”

By TIS Staffer
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