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Women Entrepreneur Dipal Patrawala embarks on a journey to empower women

Women Empowerment is no more a ‘buzzword’ or a concept that is just limited to Women’s Day but it is…

Women Entrepreneur Dipal Patrawala embarks on a journey to empower women

Women Empowerment is no more a Âbuzzword or a concept that is just limited to WomenÂs Day but it is something that has become a reality of todayÂs time. Women have been successful in breaking a lot of stereotypes and have certainly made a place for themselves in a majorly male-dominated society. One such woman who has been able to make a place for herself by utilizing her sharp business skills in the realm of network marketing is Dipal Patrawala. Today, she has become a torchbearer of strength, courage, and success for thousands of women who wants to go out and prove to the world that they are no less than their male counterparts. 

Dipal, an astute and visionary entrepreneur has curated a niche and is inspiring other women to take up businesses and become self-reliable. It is often said that females are born with entrepreneurial skills and are always focused on their career but somehow, a lot of times, they had to give up their ambition for a sake of a variety of reasons. However, things have changed and a lot of women are coming out and showcasing their caliber in various sectors. With the government also encouraging more and more women to set up a business, there is a growing trend of businesswomen who are successfully starting their own business. Dipal Patrawala is a perfect living example of this change. 

Dipal Patrawala, a businesswoman who hails from the small city of Patan in Gujarat has proved to the world that if you can dream it, you can definitely achieve it. She is now a well-known name in the domain of ÂNetwork MarketingÂ. Her journey has been full of ups and downs but it was her determination and dedication that made her what she today is. Coming from a small city with a normal, middle-class background, Dipal was not very much acquainted with cars except for her uncleÂs Classic White Ambassador. Like most people, she too dreamt of owning a luxurious car, to be specific, she wanted a Mercedes Benz to be parked outside her home.

Life is not constant, it moves on and Dipal was married. She shifted to Lonavala in Mumbai after her marriage. Things changed as she now had a family and all other responsibilities but still she had the zeal to do something on her own and her passion is what made her step into the world of Network Marketing. She joined Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd, a well-known company in the network/chain marketing domain. She, alongside her husband, Nilesh Patrawala who is a financial consultant worked very hard for achieving her dream of owning a Mercedez Benz. She entered the Network Marketing business through Vestige and with her sheer dedication, honest and hard work coupled with sharp entrepreneurial skills, she purchased the luxurious car within a span of mere 13 months. 

Working with a company like Vestige allowed her the flexibility to look after her family as well as work towards her aim. She also gets opportunities to meet, interact and exchange ideas with a lot of new people from various sectors. Dipal has proven to society that a woman is the epitome of strength and that she can do multi-tasking with ease. They are capable of handling the family as well as working towards a bright future. Talking about her journey and the emerging trend of more and more women taking business, she says, ÂThe journey had been an incredible one, frankly speaking, I feel I have achieved a lot. Taking care of my son and family and parallelly working for a better future is not a cakewalk but it is the dream that doesnÂt allow you to sleep. My husband has been a very strong pillar of support for me.Â

ÂIt is very heartwarming to see more and more women taking their career seriously and working day and night towards achieving it. Through network marketing, I inspire and motivate a lot of women to become self-reliable and not depend on anybody. I believe a society can grow only if women are growing and coming forward as they are the force that driving force of the society, she further adds. 

Dipal Patrawala is a woman who is now an inspiration for millions of women out there who want to make a career for themselves. Despite being a wife and a mother, she has very smartly balanced her life and achieved what she dreamt of. Dipal is in no mood to stop as she is still expanding her network and encouraging more women to join the Vestige in order to make them self-dependent and financially strong. With what she has achieved, despite all her struggles, one can say that she is the epitome of women empowerment in the true sense.

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