WORLD MSME DAY: MSME is the backbone of every country’s growth, job creator, and MSME is important for real contribution…


WORLD MSME DAY: MSME is the backbone of every country’s growth, job creator, and MSME is important for real contribution in country’s economic development bringing digitization in business.

WORLD MSME DAY, recognizing the importance of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in achieving sustainable development goals and in promoting innovation, creativity, and sustainable work for all.
Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises are vital in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular in promoting innovation, Manufacturing, Service Provider, Trader, Startups, Women entrepreneurs, Job creation, Country economy growth, Adding foreign exchange, creativity, and Social decent work for all.
MSMEs are an important part of larger national and global value chains and their health has a bearing on supply chains overall and indeed the ability to supply numerous goods and services. Small businesses deserve genuine support to return to vibrancy.

MSMEs across sectors have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures have put many on the brink of survival.MSMEs are part of the economic and social fabric of the country and recovery will only be possible with the vibrant MSME sector.

MSME Requires Support from governments, buyers and consumers, and other stakeholders to line up behind MSMEs to help them to build back their business from the crisis.

Most MSMEs need cash resources to replenish working capital to restart the business. In India, 6.3 crore MSMEs provide over 12 crores of jobs, contribute to 45% of exports and over 30% of manufacturing value-added.MSMEs have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, with different surveys indicating that approximately 1/3rd of MSMEs expects to face challenges for survival

Contrary to common perception, crisis, as we currently experience, is an appropriate time for change to ensure that we build back for a better future. There are ample opportunities, starting within the confines of MSMEs themselves.MSME Adapting Digital Platforms For Their Business Aswellas Doing Business Digitally Adding Connectivity With Clients For Business Sustainability And Growth. Also, An Opportunity For MSME Business To Grow Business With Connecting the Whole World With Digital And online Platforms.

We observe everywhere that our daily lives have already changed. Digital or digital-enabled solutions are helping the COVID-19 health and humanitarian response, with drones tracking disease and dispatching delivery, Online selling, Online Counseling, Ecommerce Trade Business, online learning, and work from home, as just a few of many examples. Further change towards a new normal is widely foreseen – a future that may be characterized by greater circularity, more digitization, and enhanced resilience. So, Digitalization is a must for all entrepreneurs to grow their business.

MSME Businessmen should have their business visible on digital platforms as we all are using digital technology in our life. So, the business will grow on the physical market, and presence in digital platforms will add sales to their businesses. Also, use social media platforms to connect to buyers and for branding, as nowadays social media is a potential platform for growing business and connecting customers, community, and society too.

MSME To Focus On Business Lead Generations To Grow Their Business Sales As Sales Are Most Important For ALL MSME And Business Leads Are Lifeline of Any Business. Also, MSME To Be Trained To Run Their Business Which Help MSME A Professional Environment With Doing Business Smartly To Focus On Profits.
SMEBIZZ Core Vision Is Business Growth Of Entrepreneurs.SMEBIZZ Works As Complete Agency Many Services ToServe Entrepreneur’s Business Growth I.e lead Generations, Branding, Loan, Business Consulting, brand protection, sales, business consulting, business coaching, and marketing.

SMEBIZZ Serve The Best Value Added Services To Clients And All Services Of SMEBIZZ Is With Money Back Guarantee.SMEBIZZ Is Supporting Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Forum, Industrial Association And Also Social Causes & Events.

SMEBIZZ Working passionately for entrepreneurship and core domain is entrepreneur, sales, marketing, branding, and finance. Also, we had a strong belief that entrepreneurs are job creators for society. Our learnings are that there are systems to live life and do business. Also, Observe Your Time(where we are investing), Mistakes, Listen To everyone.

And whenever challenges come in business, it gives learning, opens new opportunities, or a new stream of income verticals also. We had a belief to improve our products/services to their best for our clients and society. SMEBIZZ WORKING ON E- DESI i.e Entrepreneurs digital ecosystem initiative so that all businessmen use digital technology for their business to grow businessmen with The Most Economical Mini Website And Micro Website with affordable advertising. Therefore, this WORLD MSME DAY, it is time to acknowledge it all.

Jitender Chawla,
Lead Generation Expert, Branding, Digital Advertising, Sales, Finance, And Business Growth Expert

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