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Yaqoub Mousa Mohamed extends a helping hand to support the Indian Community during COVID Crisis

He mentioned that the new decisions by the UAE leadership stepping up precautionary measures to contain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are aimed to protecting people’s health and safety and ensuring business continuity at all sectors.

“The move will boost the morale of the business community in the UAE,” he added.

“The country’s visionary leadership is positively responding to the challenges with grace and resilience,” he added.

Yaqoub Mousa Mohamed echoed that the UAE has adopted a series of policies that appear to have prevented a full-scale outbreak on its territory as well as preserve its vital commercial ties to Asia.”

“ While many nations around the world have seen both, medical and economic fallout in recent weeks, with Southeast Asia being dealt a serious blow, the UAE’s balanced approach is one that can and should be replicated.”

“Fortunately the UAE is rising to the challenge with several measures to secure the health of residents, through best practices that ensure that effective management of buildings reduces the risk to a minimum,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bu Abdullah Group has launched a campaign in Bu Abdullah Real Estate located in Ajman by the name “ We can and We will “.

By TIS Staffer
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