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Yash Agarwal aged 25, becomes COVID hero by helping needy

Indians are consistently putting up a solid battle against the pandemic at hand. Whereas we are all victims of this…

Yash Agarwal aged 25, becomes COVID hero by helping needy

Indians are consistently putting up a solid battle against the pandemic at hand. Whereas we are all victims of this catastrophe and have been affected by it in some way or the other, there exist more defenseless areas of society that are bearing the unbalanced brunt of these unavoidable measures. The elderly, daily wage workers, employees within the casual division, laborers, slum-dwellers, low-income groups, and stray creatures, etc. are a few members of our community who have been battling a harder fight.

To help the marginalized communities, on one hand, we see the government executing solid and essential measures and sending relief reserves; on the other hand, a few corporates, commerce pioneers, influencers, and celebrities have given generously to initiatives over the country to expand a hand of the support.

In such risky times, it is important to highlight the excellent work being done by Mr. Yash Agarwal, the Best Digital Marketing Expert in Kanpur also known as MeAgarwalYash.

Yash Agarwal (KanpurÂs Youngest Entrepreneur) has been working round the clock to assist our community in such unprecedented times and has appeared extraordinary endeavor in making a difference to ease the trouble of marginalized communities amid this COVID period.

 Yash Agarwal, who is the director of DMMOI (Digital Marketing Masters of India) has a long-standing in this field and has worked with many big brands and has trained more than 1000+ bloggers and also provides training of Digital Marketing to people in his institute based in Kanpur.

Mr. Yash Agarwal started a noble initiative known as Kanpur Blood Donation Group powered  in 2018 with only 60 members but today it has more than 300 + active members from all over India.

On the other hand, KYE Global is not only associated with blood donation but also providing all kinds of essential supplies medicines, injections, oxygen, even beds are being provided in hospitals as well as food for the needy. Besides, medical specialists are also offering all types of free medical consultations

These services are being made available not only in Kanpur but also on a large-scale all-over India.

The initiative started by Yash Agarwal (Youth leader) in Kanpur which is important and appreciative. The initiative was started under the banner of FMK Marketing in collaboration with KYE GLOBAL whose main objective now is to provide blood/plasma and essential services to every needy person in the city and across India.

Whereas we sit within the comfort of our homes feeling grateful, let us take a moment to thank Mr. Yash Agarwal who has been working day and night to help the poor who are battling every single day.

Kanpur Blood Donation Group:  Blood is the most valuable gift that anybody can donate to another individual  the blessing of life. A choice to give your blood can spare a life, or indeed a few in case your blood is separated into its components  red cells, platelets, and plasma  which can be utilized independently for patients with specific conditions. Kanpur Blood Donation Group is a one of its kind group which was started by Yash Agarwal. Today, it is providing blood and plasma to people of all categories, this group is not only in Kanpur but providing service all over India it is working with a sense of service in the whole of India.

Doctors providing free online consultation: Prominent Doctors who are active members of KYE GLOBAL, are engaged in 24-hour services and are providing free health advice.

Distribution of food: One of the major issues faced by the underprivileged individuals of society is getting to standard meals due to their low and unsteady wage and decrease in casual work opportunities giving healthy, nutritious, and clean meals to one and all, twice a day all through India. Give ration packs containing wheat flour or rice and pulses to day-by-day wager communities and have collaborated with KYE Global.

Hygiene kits: As of now, the biggest issue faced by nations fighting this pandemic is community spread, the armor for which is appropriate cleanliness and sanitation.

KYE Global preparing people with essential cleanliness units comprising of hand wash, sanitizer, and other supplies to fight the epidemic. Kanpur-based KYE GLOBAL has recognized approximately 2,200 helpless waste pickers families throughout the city.

Support to the elderly: The elderly populace is extremely helpless as the coronavirus unfavorably affects them the foremost. It gets to be all the more important for the elderly to practice social distancing perseveringly. Conveyance of basic supplies and medications, nursing and participation care, counseling services, elderly care, etc. is the requirement of the hour for the senior citizens. Yash Agarwal working towards tending to these issues with his network of volunteers is helping senior citizens in getting medication and food supplies and their call center coordinates ask teams as per the necessity.

Animal welfare: Another externality that emerges out of such pandemics is the need for care for stray animals as individuals like us are not able to effectively beware of them and shelters have temporarily closed down as well as are confronting a shortage of staff. These creatures can not one or the other battle for their rights nor convey their needs; they are helpless. Yash Agarwal with KYE GLOBAL come together to supply everyday meals to such animals also making sure that those creatures are secure and sound.

Yash Agarwal said ÂI believe it is vital to realize that it takes each one of us to battle the pandemic. In expansion to the effect this has on our health, numerous negative externalities are also made by our endeavors to decrease the effect of coronavirus. Whereas it is unarguably imperative to avoid the disaster from wreaking devastation and take preventive measures to do so, we must also be compassionate and supportive in these times.

Paying your house offer assistance, not requesting rent from your occupants, giving food to the underserved, and teaching individuals around you almost the measures they can take to keep secure are some of the many little ways in which we will, together as a society, overcome this fight. And, we shall overcome! Â