Yash Agarwal, first Kanpur-based individual to be verified on Facebook

Yash Agarwal

A Facebook verification checkmark lends legitimacy to official pages and distinguishes them from those runs by fans or imposters. Furthermore, Facebook gives checked profiles and pages a higher ranking in its search results. As a result of Facebook authentication, Profile will appear prominently at the top of related searches, potentially increasing scope. Yash Agarwal, a Kanpur-based digital marketing expert, has discovered how to stand out in a web of internet worms. He has drawn followers from all walks of life and various countries. Because of his diligent work and unwavering attitude toward life, He first stepped into the digital world eight years ago and hasn’t looked back since. More than 1000+ bloggers and influencers have been educated by the gentlemen. To get to this stage, he had to put his blood, sweat, and tears into it.

Yash Agarwal has become the only digital marketer in Kanpur verified (Blue Tick) by Facebook, marking yet another milestone in his career. This has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of every section he has worked in. Understand that getting Facebook verification is not an easy task; you must work hard and tirelessly to achieve this, particularly in a city like Kanpur, where everyone aspires to be an influencer. However, this is a lengthy process in which Facebook discusses several statistics as well as how the Facebook account is used and what benefits society derives from it, as well as how it communicates its message to the public. People’s inspirations are produced in a variety of ways.

Yash Agarwal, who not only achieved the pinnacle of excellence but also achieved even on behalf of Facebook, has done something similar. This inspires us to believe that if you want anything from yourself, it will be difficult, but if have a passion for it, it will be appreciated one day. Yash Agarwal, also known as MeAgarwalYash is the best digital marketing expert in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The Director of Fmk Marketing & PR has a long history in this area, having worked with several major brands and training over 1000+ bloggers. He also offers Digital Marketing training at his Kanpur-based institute (DMMOI).

Yash Agarwal (Kanpur’s Youngest Entrepreneur) has been working round the clock to help our society in these unprecedented times and has made a remarkable effort to ease the suffering of oppressed communities during this Covid era. Kanpur Blood Donation Group (KBDG) powered by KYE Global was started in 2018 by Yash Agarwal with just 60 volunteers when it started, it now has over 300+ active volunteers, including many well-known Kanpur and Indian personalities.

Yash Agarwal says as a Digital Marketer & entrepreneur, “I’ve always found the digital industry to be intimidating. I was able to not only survive but also accomplish a great deal in the form of incredible feats, thanks to my constant struggle and passion. The first thing I trained influencers and the rest of the incredible people who work in this industry all over the world.” “Remember that there is a fantastic world out there that hasn’t been fully explored, and that seems like you and needed to help launch it into the galaxy of “what’s new and happening.” Keep your focus and imagine what you want in it, then put it into practice. As far as I’m concerned, this is one area where experimenting and exploring isn’t a big deal.”

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