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Young Entrepreneur Alabi Samson Changing The Education Ecosystem of Nigeria

“Believe in your dream, work towards it, keep the consistency without any thought of giving up. deaf your ears and blind your eyes to people’s negativity and put God first.”
Engr. Alabi Samson Ayobami (aka. Rubson) from Ogun state, was born and bred in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria, but currently resides in Canada. He is a graduate of Civil Engineering from Liaoning University, China. He is a man of many parts, and in his own words, “I love challenges because those are what make me a God-fearing man.” Mr Alabi is a fast-rising entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Starwise Group. His diversity and work ethic are an inspiration to many. He got an MBA from University of South Whales, London and is presently pursuing another Masters in Civil Engineering in Canada.
He founded Starwise Group in 2013 after realising his strong knack for entrepreneurship and providing solutions to the problems around him. The company is a strong image of his personality and Mr. Alabi believes that he is his own inspiration.
So, the Starwise groups are one of the leading educational consulting firms in the whole of Nigeria. And they has rolled out many plans for the citizens of Nigeria, who are further seeking to pursue their education outside the country, the Starwise group is there with you with its Starwise study in China programme.
According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Starwise groups, Mr. Alabi Ayobami, the main aim of this programme is basically helping the student belonging to Africa to get the admission in the China university securely and that too without any hassle. So, the students from Africa are surely going to get so many new things to learn for sure.
Alabi, being an educational expert is having experience of more than a decade in jobs, expertise in education, as well as a business mogul. So, the company is going to help and serve the students from the point of inquiry to the point of application as well as the accommodation.
Alabi has also mentioned that his company, the Starwise group, is going to help the students from different varieties of background, to attend the universities via different pathways before they subsequently getting the degree programme. And that is surely going to help them a lot. So, the student’s from Africa are surely going to get amazing facilities through the Starwise groups for sure. After all, the Starwise is surely going to provide you with the most amazing service for sure. As they are standing them with you and going to provide you with the application as well as the accommodation for sure.
Appreciated for his work: Alabi Samson has been appreciated for his work and received many awards too from many places like China than his home place Nigeria he is young but getting awards like an experienced Business tycoon and why not when you are so energetic and visionary person. Face of Foreigner in China (FIC 2015) Awards, Toosabi Awards China (2016) as the Entrepreneur of the year, Association of Nigerian Student in China (ANSIC) Treasurer Award (2016). Mr Alabi was appreciated in 2017 concert by Kiss Daniel for organizing and beautiful event in China.
Alabi Samson is a role model for many youngsters who want to achieve something in life you can learn many things from his short career. We wish Alabi Samson more success in life and also pray to god that he gets more energy to work hard so that his charity work also grows like his business.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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