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Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd provided emergency services to 1.75 cr people in 4years in MP

Whether it is a matter of chronic diseases or accidents, efforts are being made to provide best treatments to the…

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd provided emergency services to 1.75 cr people in 4years in MP

Whether it is a matter of chronic diseases or accidents, efforts are being made to provide best treatments to the victim through the government arrangements in the few minutes through includes integrated referral transport system operated by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd., which is currently operating Ambulance, Janani Express, Mobile Medical Unit and Call centre in MP. Company has completed four successful years and emergency services have been provided to 1,75,75,910 people of the state.

606 ambulances deployed across the state, helped 3 million people

In the event of any accident or emergency, every common to the special person recall

108 ambulance at the very first moment. This emergency service of Ziqitza Healthcare is available 24×7. To operate this free of charge service in every nook and corner of the state, 606 ambulances are deployed in which 51 are Advanced Life Support ambulances while remaining ambulances are operating with a basic life support system. With the help of both type of ambulance, 30,66,331 people have benefited till date.

748 Janani Express Ambulances serves 5 million pregnant women

Apart from helping accidental and ill person, the Janani Express is also operating in the state. This special vehicle is a boon for newborns and pregnant women. It is not only providing a facility to take pregnant women to the hospital but also offering home drop facility to them. 790 Janani Express (Ambulance) is operating to take and drop newborns, pregnant and lying women and to provide all health-related facilities to them. Through these ambulances, 50,53,070 women and children received help and treatments.

Helpline 104 is 15 seat setup that provides advice to Medical Queries

Ziqitza Limited is offering unique services by operating helpline 104. This helpline provides all types of information and solutions. In all the cities across the state, you can get help related to health department through this helpline sitting at home. If you want any information for the treatment of your disease or wants to know the address of a hospital or doctor, this helpline provides you with complete information. This is not only offering advice facility for treatment but also providing facility to make complaints. Any complaint related to any government hospital in the state can be made here and solutions are also being made through this helpline. This 15-seater call centre is providing continuous services to the people of the state from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. This centre has provided help to 3,25,816 people till date.

150 Mobile Medical Unit going to remote areas where there are no medical facilities

There are so many areas in the state which are not having sufficient hospital and staff facilities. Due to the excess numbers of the patients, the existing facilities are becoming incomplete. To overcome this shortcoming, Mobile Medical Units are being operated by the Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. This is a mobile hospital in which doctors, ANM workers, pilots and Lab Assistants go to the remote areas and providing treatments. Camps are organized at such places and after making the diagnosis, checkups reports and free medicines are also provided to the needy people of these areas. If necessary, patients are referring to big government hospitals so as to provide further treatments to them. There are 150 mobile medical units are operating in the entire state and till date, 91,29,693 patients are treated through these units.

ÂIn the case of accidents, the state stood at second place in the country. Thousands of calls are received daily and an ambulance is requiring at hundreds of places, but we are ready at every moment to offer help at every city and every village. We are pleased that we have completed four years of services for you. Call centre of the Ziqitza is the only integrated call centre of the country, where all facilities are available. We are also committed to continuing these services with best of our abilities. – Jitendra Sharma, Project Head, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd.

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza limited had been set up with a vision to assist in saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances across the developing world. Ziqitza Rajasthan also has played a key role in serving people in medical emergencies and pregnant women transfer through a network of well-equipped ambulances. Ziqitza limited has currently more than 10,000 people working tirelessly, day and night, to serve people in India. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd is currently operating more than 3300 ambulances across 16 states and has served more than 30 million people till date.