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Saumya Chaudhary founder of Backyardblender talks about womanhood and self-love

With this ever-increasing number of digital creators, Saumya Chaudhary – “Backyardblender” has made her position in a powerful way. Entertainment industry never forgets to highlight catfights or put people in a position that increases tension between co-workers. Most of the time men get away with “Bhai-Bhai” tag but what about women? Just to ease out the tension and create a healthy environment between their mates. Saumya Chaudhary took an opportunity to talk about womanhood through her Instagram channel and shares her liberal thoughts on how women can support women and achieve their goal unanimously.  

“Staying together is staying strong.” we all must have heard but its implementation is the real struggle. Backyardblender took this responsibility to make it’s her life goal and spread awareness about the power of unity as much she can. As she loves to talk about women related issues recently she added a new category in her blog backyardblender.com about women health. Under this category, she addresses the issues like PCOD, personal hygiene, Mensuration and many more other topics that are often overlooked. Here not only physical health is covered but also mental health. Her recent addition is loved by her fans. 

Saumya Chaudhary is not afraid to talk about her insecurities and struggle. Her genuineness is attracting a lot of audiences and becoming a sensation on social media. Her transparency and positive attitude helped her gain thousands of followers on Instagram. 

She wants to revolutionise the concept of stereotypical thinking. She talks about being limitless with no fear of judgement. This lead to her self acceptance or self-love story. She inspired a lot of women around here and gathered a lot of admiration. 


Our Backyardblender started her blog in the year 2017 as a fashion only blog where she shared her comfortable style. After getting a lot of admiration on social media she expanded it to travel, food and lifestyle. Within a span of 2 years, she gained a lot of popularity that she decided to continue it full time after her college. She is a computer science engineer by profession and graduated in the year 2019 from Jaypee institute of information technology, Noida. She is a risk-taker as she didn’t take any job after graduation to aid her entrepreneurial journey. This career of her dreams is not funded by her family. So Saumya Chaudhary used her technical knowledge to build her website and named it “ Backyardblender “. Backyardblender creates all easy and relatable content for her audience. She started doing small brand collaborations and invested in her digital business wisely. Later her fame got bigger and helped her collaborate with bigger names likes Zee tv, Samsung and many more. As of now, she doesn’t have any permanent creative teams. But working with many freelancers for her content. Most of her content creation is contributed by Tushal Kansal – Shutterclickdown ( Photographer and videographer). 

By TIS Staffer
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