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“Success Is Not Easy” Producer Phantom Beatz a.k.a Pavan Balley’s Life Is An Example

Pavan Balley (born 1996), more commonly known by his stage name PhantomBeatz, is a producer, born and raised in Pittsburg, California. 

Early days

Pavan’s interest in hip hop and rap started in his early days, at around 11 or 12 years old, when his older brother first began dabbling in rap and hip-hop.  He was influenced by several producers and artists such as the Jacka, J. cole , 50cent, Tupac Shakur and several other hip hop artists. Pavan learned about the industry by observing his brother produce music in their home. When his brother’s interest in producing music waned, Pavan stepped in and began to play with the music-making programs on his computer, like FL Studio. He hasn’t stopped making music since that day. Over the years, his skills improved and he found the confidence to finally to start releasing his music out into the public. Pavan also used to perform playing the dhol at several parties at a young age which helped develop his ear and desired sound for music.

Musical Career :

His career began to gain traction when he first got in touch with an artist who goes by Joe Blow. They began self-producing rap/hip-hop music together in 2013. The first song they produced, Touch of Soul, was an underground hit in the Bay Area region, and even in other countries throughout Europe. With the traction gained from their hit, PhantomBeatz got out to many other artists and produced music with them. These artists included The Jacka, J. Stalin, Mozzy, Philthy Rich and Ap.9 and several others.  His very well known track “ Unfortunately “ of off Sacramento’s major artist Mozzy’s  “ 1 Up top Ahk “ album streamed millions of views all over the internet which advanced his credentials even higher from there on. 

Pavan released his first album, titles Phantasies, on August 16th, 2016. The album was released on iTunes and other major digital music outlets. Towards 2019 Pavan also began to take interest in Punjabi music and also worked with a few local artists to branch out his musical ear.

Family life :

Pavan’s parents listen to a lot of Bollywood and Punjabi music, which has had a profound impact on his sound and style in music. His upbringing also taught him how to play a traditional Indian instrument, called the dhol. Indian music was also a major impact on Pavan’s production sound which helped him develop his sound the way it is.  Pavan has one older sister and one older brother and is the youngest of all siblings in his family


Mozzy featuring June – “Unfortunately” (Produced by PhantomBeatz )

Joe blow featuring The Jacka – Touch of Soul (Produced By PhantomBeatz )

Philthy Rich & Joe Blow – On my way (Produced by PhantomBeatz )

Mozzy featuring E-Mozzy – Tappin Out (produced by PhantomBeatz)

Joe Blow – Thinking of You ( produced by PhantomBeatz )

Joe Blow – High featuring Mob figaz (Produced by Phantombeatz)

Interests: Basketball, cooking, lifting weights, Producing Music

Achievements: Pavan’s achievements were scattered all around the music scene. He produced and received credit for producing for Mozzys 1 up top ahk album which was ranked in the top 20 albums on iTunes in 2017.  The song “unfortunately” which he produced has streamed over 4 million views just on YouTube alone and has continued to grow on charts all over streaming platforms.  Most of his production has surpassed millions of views also on YouTube such as Joe blow – Thinking of You and also Philthy rich and Joe Blow – On my way.  PhantomBeatz also dropped his first album in 2016 called Phantasies which was highly anticipated by people all over America. The album featured Artists such as The Jacka , Husalah , Joe Blow , Mozzy , Lil aj , E Mozzy, J stalin , and several other artists who have been in the hip hop scene for years.

By TIS Staffer
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