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The Motorcycle Ridding Entrepreneur: Sanil Tiwari aka Fakira Rider

Riding motorcycle for days and night from one state to another gives increadible satisfaction, a satisfaction that only riders can feel…. It makes you feel free and close to nature. Real adventure is when you ride bikes through high altitude places and move through roads curves and bumps. You can never feel the nature’s beauty in the car, the glimpse of this beauty can only be achieved on bikes…

There is one bike lover who never used the bike in his 36 years of life , and now he is not driving car because of his love for bikes…. One of the most exciting person of our time a real rider who has rode on  his bike to travel every place of India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir he has seen everything with his bike, very well known as “Fakira Riders.” 

Fakira sounds unusual name. Actually, there is a story behind it, the actual name of Mr.Fakirs is “Sanil Tiwari”, he got his name from Osho when he took an ascetic from Osho ashram he got his new name as Swami Anand Fakira. Moreover, to find his name meaning or we can say to justify his name, he started travelling around India.

Fakira has travelled all around India to every state of India Mumbai to Sikkim, Kanyakumari to Sikkim, He has more than 230k subscribers on youtube as his followers and more than 11,281,858 views. He has represented many places and people of India through his videos, which has been loved by everyone till date…

Fakira is a nature lover, heat, rain, cold, smell of soil when raindrop falls, every road, every mountain, rivers, he just loves his life, he feels that  it makes him feel free from tension and he also feels everyone should try riding, it gives you fantastic feeling when you come close to nature you forget everything in life.

His motive of  posting videos is to drive people with his positive thoughts through his videos. Fakira feels that nature teaches you the meaning of lifewhen you get closer to it. 

He has many trademarks first one is Fakira’s salute which he gives to the people who take care of him, give time to him when he visits places and second is “Be Simple & Be Natural “which means don’t try to show off things be normal and natural in life.

Fakira is India’s unique personality, which is rare to find, for him, life is about riding a bike from one place to another, enjoy nature, meet people. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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