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Top Five Publications in India that are reviving book reading in the country

Books are always brimming with information; they teach you valuable lessons about life and about struggles, love, fear, and every…

Top Five Publications in India that are reviving book reading in the country

Books are always brimming with information; they teach you valuable lessons about life and about struggles, love, fear, and every other aspect of existence. Books are more than just entertainment; they have the power to change one’s life. They enable readers to travel without using having to actually buy a ticket, they provide wings to imagination, they are full of information, joy, happiness, wisdom and much more. Even in one’s darkest hour, they can still assist. Ultimately, the book provides a solution and offers you a fresh viewpoint on how to see various issues and to bring those books to life, there are many publication houses that play an integral role. Down below are five publications that have been setting a strong foothold in the industry.

 1. Rupa Publications


Rupa Publications was founded by D. Mehra in 1936. Over 95% of the Rupa catalogue has been converted to e-books, a move that significantly increases the number of people who may access it. A traditional book publisher with a wide selection of children’s, adult, and non-fiction books, Rupa Publications is situated in Delhi. They have books on politics, business, history, and a variety of memoirs. There is a lot to anticipate from Rupa, who has a backlist of almost 2000 titles and has no intention of stopping there.


2. Penguin Random House India


British publisher Allen Lane came up with the idea for Penguin Books in 1935. The concept for Penguin Books came from his failed search for a decent book to read at a reasonable price, which, among other things, was a contributing element. Seven devoted yet separate publishing divisions at Penguin Random House India seek out and publish a diverse spectrum of perspectives. Each division includes imprints that stand for various book categories and has their own unique brand and personality. These divisions, which are home to some of the most renowned authors and unexpected debuts, have shaped and continue to enhance the literature.


3. Bigfoot Publications


Bigfoot Publications based in Gurugram, Haryana was incepted in the year 2017 by  Deepak Yadav. It is a self-publishing firm that works with the sole motive of making the publishing journey an easy one for all the authors and it has a distribution network which is spread in more than 150 countries. Bigfoot Publications has also unveiled a new and enhanced DIY technique of book production that helps authors to feel closer to their work. With this, authors are free to design their own book covers, formatting, and pagination. They don’t have a policy of rejecting manuscripts. Instead, if they find any errors in the content, they sit down with the authors and assist them in rewriting or making any necessary revisions. Additionally, they promise that their marketing expertise will turn a book into a bestseller. Other traditional publishers take around one year to get any book listed on Amazon, however, Bigfoot Publication takes a maximum of 30 days to do the same.


4. Westland Publications


Westland, a Delhi-based company, publishes books in nearly all of the regional languages of India and English. EastWest Books (Madras) Pvt Ltd. and Westland Books Pvt Ltd. joined hands to form the publishing company. Westland was able to expand both its physical and digital book businesses after Amazon acquired it in 2016. Although it has a lengthy history of publication and distribution, over the past nine years it has moved its emphasis to just publishing.


5. HarperCollins Publishers


HarperCollins Publishers India is a publishing house, which is a fully owned division of HarperCollins Worldwide. It was incepted in 1992 and was established in Noida. They are one of the few publishers who prioritise publishing poetry. In addition to publishing poetry, they also publish books in a variety of genres, including autobiography, business, biography, fiction, crime, thriller, mystery, film & music, graphic novel, history, romance, self-help, Hindi, poetry, politics, sport, and travel. They have been working closely with both the marketing division and bookstores for a long time. They have a Harper Hindi programme, for which they are likewise eager to have a growing collection of writers.


The publisher typically oversees the publication’s marketing efforts including advertising. Several authors have founded their own publishing businesses, like Deepak Yadav the founder of Bigfoot Publication. The market has changed quite a bit over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is the introduction of new books that have an impact.