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Travel to USA from India: Everything You Need to Know!

Known for its big bustling cities, charming countryside, gentle beaches, amazing museums, and countless natural wonders, America is a dream…

Travel to USA from India: Everything You Need to Know!

Known for its big bustling cities, charming countryside, gentle beaches, amazing museums, and countless natural wonders, America is a dream destination for most travelers. Planning your first trip abroad to the US and looking for suggestions on how to plan your big vacation? Here is a simple guide to planning a trip to the USA from India.

Get a tourist visa

The visa application process for the US is a little complicated compared to other countries. As part of the visa process, you will be required to attend an in-person interview, for which an appointment should be scheduled after applying for the visa. The visa process usually involves filling out a Non-immigrant Visa Application (DS-160) form, booking an appointment, and visiting the nearest US Embassy in your city to verify your biometrics registration and documents (passport, photographs, DS-160 form confirmation page, interview appointment letter, and other supporting documents). The last step in the visa process is a one-on-one interview at the US Embassy.

As this is time-consuming, it is recommended to apply for a US tourist visa (B-2 visa) in advance.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is essential when you fly internationally. Many travelers tend to ignore it, but travel insurance is something you shouldn’t travel without. After confirming the travel dates, search for the best travel insurance for USA from India. It has your back in case of a medical emergency, trip interruption, loss of personal belongings such as passport and luggage, or any other mishap. Knowing that you will be covered in an emergency will go a long way in ensuring you have a stress-free vacation. So, why take the risk? If you don’t already have travel insurance, get travel insurance now.

Decide on your itinerary and budget

While your visa process is in progress, you can work on your itinerary and travel budget. To do this, you should first decide the length of your trip. Then, write down the places you want to visit in America and prepare a rough itinerary. Now, divide it into days, i.e., assign a number to each of your locations. Next, do some analysis to locate the accommodation, food, and travel options in each destination so that you can get an estimate of the expenses per day. Based on that, you can determine an approximate travel budget for your trip from India to USA. You should also consider the cost of the visa in the budget. Once you apply, you’ll know how much you’ve paid.

Booking accommodation and other tickets

Booking hotel rooms, train tickets (if required), and other transport tickets in advance can ease your travel from India to USA. Imagine reaching a hotel after a long haul from India to the US only to find out that it is already fully booked! It can be discouraging and frustrating at the same time. Booking is the solution! So, book your flight/train tickets and hotel rooms before reaching your destination. Confirm your bookings before your journey begins.

Get a day-wise plan of your itinerary

The United States of America is immense, and the vast number of places to visit and adventure options it offers can be daunting for any first-time traveler. A freewheeling trip may not be the best option for first timers. Simultaneously, it is also not a good idea to plan your itinerary for a trip to the USA to the minute, as it might spoil the excitement. Instead, detail your rough itinerary and list the experiences you want to try at each place you visit. This further clarifies the budget for traveling from India to the USA.

Get a forex card

Currency exchange is something that can be overwhelming for most first-time travelers. However, you can invest while traveling abroad with a foreign exchange card that allows you to pay in foreign currency or withdraw money from ATMs. It is a safer option than carrying large amounts of cash. You can apply for a foreign exchange card at any RBI-authorized bank (or online) by filling out the specified form and submitting it along with self-attested copies of your PAN, passport, visa, and flight tickets.


Finally, pack for your US trip

The last stage of planning a trip from India to America comes – packing. You travel to a country miles away from home and expect the weather to be the opposite of what you are used to in India. So, pack cautiously depending on the season you are visiting the US. Also, don’t overload your luggage with everything you think you ‘might’ need. Finally, be practical when packing and ensure your luggage’s weight complies with your airline’s baggage policies. You are now ready to go!