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Venteskraft contributing to Indian economy by adding more beginners to stock market as traders

India has been a growing economy for a very long time and in an economy that is continuously growing, one can have  high chances of money making from establishing a business or being part of any business by investing in  the stock market. Needless to say, investing or trading in the stock market will in turn help in the growth of economy.

Venteskraft, since its inception has established two working models, training on stock market and business development. The founder and CEO Mr. Mahin B S, Co- founder Mr Rahul Rajeev along with the senior financial trainers at Venteskraft  have trained and guided thousands of people on trading in stock market and are known to be the best in the field.

At Venteskraft, they encourage new traders to trade with ease with the help of the setups they teach. Unlike most of the trading institutions in India, Venteskraft chose to teach people more than thirty setups and also this is one of the very few institutes in India that trains people in all segments of trading (viz., Equity, Commodity, Options & Futures, and Forex). Their students believe their success not only on their efforts but also on the unique teaching structure at Venteskraft which includes a tenure of six months to an year with everyday online webinars on setups the trainers designed followed by the Post Market sessions everyday after the market hours and Research and analysis session on every alternate day in which  different setups are discussed on different conditions of the market. The students quote that they have experienced remarkable improvements in their trading journey with the help of these sessions.

The training program is designed based on the zeal, convenience, accessibility, and the value expected by the students into two memberships, the platinum membership which is online and the diamond membership which offers a one on one opportunity to the enthusiasts to train directly at the head office in Bengaluru for the whole year during the training period.

With more than thirty thousand active traders and hundreds of new registrations, the company has been passively helping the economy by increasing the cash inflow into the market by training new people to the trade system and improving their confidence to invest higher capital thereby increasing the number of transactions in the market. In the recent black swan event the company helped thousands of people to make money from the stock market and has proved the potential of stock market and also of the right mentorship. 

The company was found in 2017 and was featured in various news and business websites since then. It has had the honour of being featured in the Forbes and has also been critically praised for its work in stock market training and business development in the Startup street, CNBC during march this year.

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