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Lockdown, Summer and Sunscreen!

What is sunscreen? Sunscreen majorly is a cream, lotion, gel, or foam that deflects UV light. In simpler or general…

Lockdown, Summer and Sunscreen!

What is sunscreen?

Sunscreen majorly is a cream, lotion, gel, or foam that deflects UV light. In simpler or general terms it tries preventing rn. In a country like India, where the summer can be real trouble, this is highly recommended.

Why do we need sunscreen when we are indoors in this lockdown?

A question pooped in our head and we were quite intrigued. “Does it make any sense?”, we asked ourselves. We decided to take some relevant advice. We asked Kiran Bhatt, Vice President of Junoesque Clinique, a premium derma clinic located at GK2, M Block, New Delhi. She suggested “We need to apply sunscreen while we are indoors also to prevent our skin from the damage of internal lights like Tv, phones, laptops, computer, and gaslight. sunlight also comes from the window to our room, so to prevent our skin from the harsh damage we should apply sunscreen indoors”

How often do we need to apply especially when we are in lockdown?

We thought to continue asking her for some relevant answers for our readers. She suggested, “Reapply sunscreen regularly specifically if you are going outdoors. you have to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours for it to be effective.  Just applying it once a day is not going to be effective if you are outdoors. If you are indoors you can apply once or twice a day. you need not wash your face, you can just apply it  to your existing layer.”

Any recommendations for dry skin during summers? What can be done quickly at home for this?

“For oily and combination skin-go for gel-based sunscreen which will not feel sticky and will be very light on the skin and you will not even sweat too much

For dry skin, go for cream-based sunscreen and For sensitive skin, go for plain zinc oxide-based sunscreen” – Kiran Bhatt, Vice President, Junoesque Clinique

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