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A woman who won the heart of celebrities by her culinary art - Daniella Abraham aka Chef Danie

A star name Daniella Abraham has risen from south Florida. She has been a show-stealer of every private party of the celebrities because of her cooking. Daniella Abraham, who is popularly known as Chef Danie, is the young lady who is among the most favorite Chef of the Hollywood peeps. In just a few years she has earned a very good reputation in the culinary industry. She has served many A list of Hollywood celebrities and sportsperson like Drake, Oprah, Antonio Banderas, Kylie Jenner, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Pharell Williams, Dj Khaled, Louis XIII, Reebok, Godiva, the Omran family of Saudi Arabia among many others.

Chef Danie's interest in cooking developed at such a young age. She was raised by a hardworking single mother. Anytime her mom would get the free time she would cook with her and learn the basics of cooking. All of these moments with her mother made her fall in love with good and the art of cooking. Later on, even though she got the scholarship to go to the University of Miami her interest didn't fade away. She took cooking classes along with her studies because she had made her mind to become a chef.

Danie started from the very bottom. After getting training from Le Cordon Bleu she started doing baby showers and other small house parties for friends and people who wanted her service. She started earning Lil money from these works. Then she came into a client who gave her a website where she posted her experiment alcohol cake which eventually went viral and made her famous and it kind of gave her stairs which led her to fame and success and changed her life.

Today Chef Danie is a super popular celebrity chef who gives star service to private parties. All of this was possible because she listened to her. Even though the darkest day she didn't lose hope and kept working for a dream and came out as a successful example for every woman out there. Chef Danie is the woman who has made a difference with achievements and inspired so many of us.

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