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Artist Satyajit Biswas comes up with a new poetry project

Elocutionist Satyajit biswas released india_Bangladesh poetry project "Dnohey". From recitation to radio artist to compare many national and international programs, journey of Satyajit was excellent in every way. Being a small town boy to Presenting Bangla at USA he succeed to make over 75 plus extraordinary poetry productions.


He started carrier as Radio jockey in a famous radio station. He came beneath the heat of Limelight when he launched his show at Jadavpur University. Among the few notable musical works, there are " Pujar saaj" With famous dancer and social worker Mrs Alokananda Roy to his own made YouTube channel "kabyo creations " Where collaboration works were done with famous artists from bengal industry such as legend SHUBHA MUDGAL, ,SOUMITRA CHATTERJEE to here now artists iman chakraborty, Rupankar Bacchi, Srikanto Aacharya, Lagnajita chakraborty, Jayati Chakraborty, Aditi munshi, Indrani sen and many more.


Now it's time for his collaboration of music and poetry work with Bangladesh artist Aditi Sadia Rehman. The beautiful poetry rendition named "Dnohey" is done from notable works of Rabindranath tagore musically mastered by Kalyan sen barat.


We hope his notable works keep deep impact on both countrymen and build up a strong artistic relationship between India and Bangladesh.

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