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Comedian Ibtehaj Hassan aka “Lolibtehaj”, founder of Automated Ventures

Life is very unpredictable, it is known by all, yet many people live their lives properly, everyone wants to make a mark in the digital world, but a lot of work is achieved here, here we are a comedian And the owner of the fast-food restaurant that Ibtehaj Hassan, founder of Automated Ventures.

Ibtehaj Hassan had no intention of becoming a comedian. He tried to become a doctor but he did not succeed in that, after that he thought of doing his business and gave up his dream of becoming a doctor and tried his luck on entrepreneurship. Ibtehaj Hassan started working in fast-food restaurants And gradually managed to own a restaurant.

Ibtehaj Hassan started his own e-commerce company called Automated Ventures. He tied up his company with Amazon and made good profits, mastering the digital world. He now has a successful team to guide budding entrepreneurs in their journey. Ibtehaj Hassan wants to ensure that no one has to contend with the hardship that he came to in his early days. Ibtehaj Hassan believes that there cannot be a good life to pursue entrepreneurship, assuming that you are not misled by your goal to succeed. Ibtehaj Hassan can build a very good business for its customers within a time frame of a few months, with huge monthly profits.

Automated Ventures is expected to be a multi-dollar brand by the end of this year. To facilitate the successful journey of his company, Ibtehaj Hassan and his team of collaborators are always ready to bring analytical solutions to the critical problems of the customers from which they will get set to move further.

Ibtehaj Hassan was born on 13 July 1994 in New York City. His videos do not urge the need for curse words. During the lockdown period, when people are getting depressed every day, Ibtehaj Hassan helped his followers forget the reality of the coronavirus and put a smile on their faces through his videos. After the global epidemic of COVID19, the entire world turned to digital marketing. Every business got involved in digital marketing where people expanded and managed their business properly. Ibtehaj Hassan used digitization to increase its popularity.

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