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Common Myths About Two Wheeler Insurance Busted

A two-wheeler is the most common and desired means of commuting by most Indians. It makes gliding through narrow and…

Common Myths About Two Wheeler Insurance Busted

A two-wheeler is the most common and desired means of commuting by most Indians. It makes gliding through narrow and chaotic roads a lot easier. Bike owners can also reach a location much faster. If you’re an office goer who spends hours travelling from home to office and vice-versa, investing in a bike can be your best decision. It will significantly reduce your commute time and help you reduce your travel costs. But your work won’t end at simply buying a bike of your choice, as you will also have to secure it under reliable two-wheeler insurance.


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The Indian market offers a wide range of insurance for two-wheelers, and this range of options can make it really tricky to pick the right plan. If you’re buying insurance for the first time, you may be surrounded by misinformation available online and offline related to bike insurance. To help make your two-wheeler insurance buying journey easier, we’ve busted some of the most commonly spread myths around bike insurance so you can invest in it without worry. Let’s quickly check the myths shared below.


  • All Two-wheeler Insurance Plans are Expensive


Two-wheeler insurance plans are not always expensive. Depending on your coverage requirements and budget, you must have some figure in mind. Fortunately, the Indian vehicle insurance market makes it easier for people with varying budgets to find ideal two wheeler insurance aligning with their requirements. You can always find bike insurance plans with lower premiums, but they may offer limited coverage.


The best way to find a two-wheeler within your budget is by starting your search online. Inviting suggestions from existing policyholders on various online insurance-related forums, groups, and communities can also give you a pretty good starting point to begin your ideal bike insurance search. You can also include an online bike insurance premium calculator in your search process to shortlist the best policy plans.


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  • Pre-insurance Inspection is Needed on Every Policy Renewal


A common myth many people come across is that policyholders must take their bikes for pre-insurance inspection every year before policy renewal. In reality, you must only undergo a pre-insurance vehicle inspection while buying new insurance. The concerned authorities inspect the current bike condition and take photographs before approving your insurance application.


But if you are renewing your bike insurance plan, you don’t have to undergo this process. The insurer may ask you for a pre-insurance inspection again if you miss your renewal and the policy expires. In this case, the insurance will be treated as new, and you will have to follow the entire pre-insurance inspection process again.


  • Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online is an Unsafe & Complicated Process


Most insurance companies have now started offering bike insurance online. But people new to this have various doubts and concerns regarding the entire online process. A myth is spread that buying two-wheeler insurance online is an unsafe process, and a person may lose his money. The truth is entirely the opposite. Insurers have placed all security and safety measures in line so people can securely make online payments to buy bike insurance.


The entire process is streamlined, automated, and secure. If you have the scanned copy of your ID proof, address proof, and other relevant documents ready, you can complete the entire bike insurance buying process within a few minutes. Ensure you have stable and fast internet while buying the policy online.


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  • Online Claim Settlement Process is Complex


Ever since insurance companies have adopted digitisation, they have provided more options for policyholders to contact than ever. Earlier, a policyholder had to make multiple visits to the insurer’s office for any policy-related task. But now, the entire thing has been shifted online. Some people believe filing claim requests are tedious online. In reality, claim filing has become easier and faster than ever through online mediums.


If you have the credentials to log into your account, you can find an option to file claims online. Even if you face trouble with it during your first claim filing, you can contact the insurer’s customer service team online, and they will assist you with the entire process.


  • Buying Third-party Insurance will be Enough


Bike insurance offers two major types of coverage, i.e., comprehensive and third-party. The former insurance covers the policyholder against own and third-party damages, while the latter only covers third-party financial liabilities. If you have budget constraints and are comfortable paying for your own damages in case of road accidents, third-party bike insurance is good to go.


But if you want broad coverage, you will have to proceed with a comprehensive plan over a third-party plan. A comprehensive plan can undoubtedly be slightly more expensive than third-party insurance, but its coverage and add-on buying ability make the investment worth it.


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  • There are Not Enough Options to Choose from


This statement would have held true if it was said decades back. Fortunately, India’s current bike insurance market comprises various insurance providers. People no longer have to limit their choices. Once you’ve decided the type of coverage you want, you can find multiple relevant policy options online.


Whether you’re looking for options that fit your budget or offer specific coverage, you will never run out of options. If you cannot find some good options to start your comparison, ask your acquaintances for some suggestions. You can also join insurance groups online, inviting unbiased suggestions from current bike insurance policyholders.


  • Pillion Riders are Normally Covered Under Bike Insurance


A common misunderstanding some people have regarding bike insurance is that it covers the bike owner and the pillion rider in case of accidents. The plan’s coverage depends entirely on the type of bike insurance you purchase. For example, third party insurance won’t even cover damages caused to the policyholder, let alone the pillion rider.


People invest in a comprehensive bike insurance policy to cover their own damages. But even this policy won’t cover the pillion rider. If you want to cover the pillion rider, you must purchase a passenger add-on. This add-on can only be added if you’re buying a comprehensive policy, so choose wisely.


Cut Through the Clutter & Get the Best Bike Insurance


Choosing the right bike insurance is crucial for every bike owner. But the widespread myths surrounding two-wheeler insurance can make it challenging for many to make the right insurance investment. If you’re planning to invest in reliable bike insurance, make sure you know the myths around it. Since all common bike insurance myths have been busted in this article, you will have a reduced risk of falling for the wrong policy or coverage.