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Discipline is of utmost importance at every stage of your journey, irrespective of your position: Ali Merchant, Founder and CEO, AM Infoweb

This is an excerpt from an interview with a man who knows what it takes to reach the top. We are talking about Ali Merchant, a thorough passionpreneur, philanthropist, life coach, and CEO of AM Infoweb, a leading Health Information Management Outsourcing company. We had the privilege of learning from the man himself about the concept of risk-taking and the intangible resources that go into generating the tangible output we call profit.

We know that you took the risk of starting something new, though you had the luxury of continuing in your already established family business. Clearly, you are a risk-taker and it has definitely paid off in the long run. So, we’d like to know, were you convinced about your decision and never harbored any doubts when you started off?

Ali confides, “Oh yes, I definitely had my moments. Feeling anxious about how your decision unfolds and what’s in store for you once you embark on your venture, are common concerns and in my opinion important to keep you on your toes. Because that’s how it is in the initial stages of any startup. You will always be running pillar to post to fit in all the pieces of the puzzle. That’s the precise feeling! It’s like you have a big picture in mind and you are trying to start by finding and then placing every piece in its place, and this goes on until the picture is complete.”

With the kind of success you have achieved, can we assume the picture is complete?

He answers with that unmistakable twinkle, “The first picture is complete, definitely, but there are quite a few pictures I’ve envisioned along my journey. So, right now I am busy finding the pieces of those puzzles. Our non-profit social welfare organization – The Bande Khuda Trust is one of those pictures.”

We agree The Bande Khuda Trust is definitely doing so much for the community, it makes quite a picture!

What is your advice to all the young ambitious minds who are dreaming of venturing out on their own and making it big in the industry?

Ali says, “It’s a long journey, and do not rack your brains over WHEN you will reach your destination rather work hard on HOW you can reach the destination. Simply speaking, proceed if you are convinced about your plan and then do not look back. Keep trying and always explore opportunities to improvise and add value to your existing plan. Creative ideas and customer knowledge are the backbone for survival and sustainability. Also learn the art of networking. It has helped me a lot.”

He also adds, “Taking risks can increase your probability of success but not guarantee success unless you put in a lot of hard work and other related factors that boost growth.”

It is common to hear about how virtues of resilience, hard work, skills, ethics, commitment, and the likes are important for success. According to you, which ideals have helped you climb the ladder?

“In my experience, I realized, ethics act as your ally in your journey. Your intrinsic nature is pivotal in attracting clients. It is not just the technical aspects that help attract and retain clients but your values, attitude, and skills. That’s how I designed the ACE (Attitude-Competence-Ethics) Triangle which forms the backbone of our organization’s culture. Apart from them, discipline is of utmost importance, at every stage of your journey – in life and career, irrespective of your position. Even today, I try to practice discipline at work, at home in terms of health and diet, and physical fitness too. What it does is, it ensures that you do what you are expected to do even if you don’t feel like it.”

“You want to stay healthy – DISCIPLINE. You want to live longer – DISCIPLINE. You want to achieve success – DISCIPLINE. You want to sustain success – DISCIPLINE. Make it a way of life and you will undeniably experience its positive effects in the long term.”

An interview with Ali Merchant is never disappointing, and yet again, he enchanted us with his genuine and unpretentious views on the initial struggles of a young entrepreneur and the most crucial elements to focus on while designing your roadmap to success. It’s been an honor to speak with him.

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