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Fitpreneur Melissa Chalmers’ Story on Becoming Fitness Sensation

There has been a paradigm shift in the role of fitness in our daily lives. Initially, fitness was more of a time spending activity. The role of fitness is ever increasing, thanks to the engrossing culture of junk food, an unhealthy lifestyle which gained a lot of acceptance at the beginning of the 21st Century. People are building awareness and recognising the need for fitness. Be it gym, pilates, yoga, functional movements, sports- fitness in different forms offer a ray of hope for people suffering from body image issues. Rampant Capitalism has ensured that companies bank on this complex for their gains. Unhealthy food, overconsumption of food, negligence of proper macronutrients, untimely meals, empty calories, skipping meals- they all contribute to the cause.

Melissa Chalmers ?is a young fitpreneur from Auckland who’s helped thousands of women transform their bodies in the healthiest possible way through exercise and balanced nutrition. Melissa Chalmers, as the fitness world knows her, is on a mission to change how women stay fit without ignoring hunger, cravings, and other food-related desires.

‘StrongHer’, her new app— is all about workouts, nutrition, and different programs that will help you stay healthy and fit. Since its launch, over 90,000 women have used the platform globally, with around 10,000 active subscribers on the app at the moment.

The secret to Melissa’s success lies in her flexibility. Women who are working professionals have the option of working out at the comfort of home if they are not able to hit the gym. Moreover, Melissa has designed the app in such a way which allows women to enjoy life without having to sacrifice the goal of transforming their bodies to the best shape. She believes in incorporating good nutrition and good workouts with some tweaks here and there so that it is enjoyable and the journey becomes consistent.

What’s more; from gaining strength, burning fat and improving your overall fitness, you cannot only use the StrongHer to achieve your personal targets but also access one of many workout videos, nutritionist-approved food guide, and mental health tips whenever and wherever!

Melissa’s mission gained acceptance from all over the world and today, she boasts of around 470k followers on Instagram. As times are tough with body image issues increasing, we have people like Melissa who continue to spread smiles all across the globe and makes sure that the world of fitness embraces everyone with open hands.

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