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Government to Call Special Parliament Session Commencing on 18th September

On 31st August, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Prahalad Joshi announced through his Twitter that, “The Special Session of Parliament is likely to be summoned between September 18-22 and it will be having five meetings.” The Lok Sabha Secretariates have been silent about the agendas to be discussed in the special sessions, they have only revealed that the session might commence in the old parliament building while ending in the new one. According to the sources, one of the anticipated agenda for discussion could be the Union Civil Code. 


The Uniform Civil Code is a proposal in India to develop and execute individual laws of citizens that apply to all nationals equally irrespective of their religion, gender, and sexual orientation. At present, the personal laws of different communities are governed by their holy scriptures. The five-day-long special session may include a discussion on the BJP’s contentious commitment to the introduction of the bill.  Another anticipation on the agendas that are to be discussed in the special session includes One-Nation One-Election. 


PM Modi has always encouraged the argument of side-by-side elections across the state assemblies and the Lok Sabha. A conversation could be held on One-Nation One-Election, which means that polls for the Lok Sabha and all state assemblies all over India will be held simultaneously, with voting presumably taking place around the same time. This may also result in the preponement of the General Elections 2024 which were to be held in May 2024 and can now take place in December or January. 


On Monday TMC leader and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee said that she is worried that the BJP might conduct the Lok Sabha polls early in December 2023 or in January 2024. Later the next day, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar supported Mamta Banerjee’s assertion that the Bharatiya Janata Party might hold the Lok Sabha elections in December this year and stressed the need for the opposition parties to stay united.  On the day after the announcement of the special session, the centre has reportedly formed a committee guided by ex-president Ram Nath Kovind to examine the chances of much-talked-about One-Nation One-Election.


The particular session will also take place at the time of several major achievements, including India becoming the host of the G20 Summit that will be held in Delhi and the landing of the Chandryaan-3. In addition, the session will also take place after the Supreme Court’s decision on the conduction of the election in the union territory of Jammu Kashmir. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said the judgment on when to conduct elections in the former state lay in the hands of central and state election bodies, despite multiple requisitions questioning the government's scrapping of Article 370 in J&K.

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