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Gurinder Singh Brar: Rising new talent stirring up a storm in the Music Industry

Gurinder Singh Brar is a new and rising artist who debuted with his solo album ‘Kat Heartz’, which features three tracks- First Sight Love, Relation, and Date. All the three songs have caught the eyes of several people. It has not only become the latest bop in the country, but has been doing numbers all over the world as well.

All the three songs have a catchy rhythm and with eloquent and deep lyrics, listeners everywhere have enjoyed his music. The uniqueness in his songs have gathered the attention of several critiques as well, it is presumed that with a fresh wave of artists, the scenario in the music industry is sure to be dynamically radicallized and brought up new.

The 33 year old artist has been musically inclined right since his childhood. His subsequent interest in other areas have successfully pursue his passion while maintaining his luxurious lifestyle. He is a founder and a CEO of GSB & Associates (expertising in real estate industry).

He is an enthusiastic creator, who devotes his energy to creation of music. Each of his track is raw and versatile. Fans are waiting in anticipation for the announcement of his upcoming projects.

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